Its been very busy for me in the last few weeks, and there doesn’t seem to be any let up for another few more weeks.  The boarders might notice that we are now drowning in young horses: Archie, Cera, Percy, Gizmo, Vivian and Clay are all here and waiting for their training rides every day. Dino, Lear, Ted and Boogie are glaring at me until I show them the due respect that they think they deserve. Im booked full! But, it’s a lot of fun and I am going to be really sad when they leave. My goal is to have Percy, Cera, Clay and Gizmo sold in the near future to wonderful homes who deserve such nice horses.

Yesterday I felt like I had one young horse graduate into adult horsehood. Dino had his first “gallop” of the season, and only horses at training level and above tend to have proper gallop days on my schedule. On what I call a gallop/conditioning day, I follow a strict protocol, long walk, 20 min trot and then the canter sets. Yesterday, Dino’s was this: 30 min walk, 20 min trot, 5 min canter and I write that on my calendar this way: 30w/20t/5c.  Ive done this shorthand script since 1998 when I first started keeping track of Blueprint’s gallops as we prepared for Radnor CCI**. But as some of you know, Ive been out of the upper levels for two years, Taco at intermediate, and it was another 4 years before that with Tilly at CCI** level. Ive been swimming in the kiddie pool for many years and it was a thrill to write that shorthand down again!

Giving Dino his first gallop day felt like a shot of vitamins to my system. Suddenly, I switched into upper level mode and found myself checking his legs for any heat or swelling at 9 pm at night.  A little Sore-no-more and some wrapping and he was secure for the night.  That side of myself who is attentively doting over every little detail of the horse, suddenly came awake. And it was fun to feel that again! My goal is to have Dino and Lear move up to preliminary in a few months, and no time like the present to start obsessing over their legs for any dings or changes.