About Meika

Meika has been involved with horses for a majority of her life. She inherited the love of horses from her mother, Mary Decher, who also has ridden for most of her life. Ponies and 4-H programs taught her the basics of horsemanship and it wasn’t until the Decher family moved to Germany, that Meika was introduced to dressage and eventually, eventing.

She has ridden at the Advanced level since 1999 and has had several fantastic horses, such as Blueprint, Goldfinch and Good Deal Lucille. She was selected to ride with the USET’s Developing Rider Team for 2 years with Blueprint. Having completed in her career, to date, 6 CCI**, 4 CCI*** and half of Rolex CCI****, all long format. She is still aiming high with her current horses, Taukalot, Rory Calhoun and homebred, De Novo. Her dressage training has been influenced by Linda Zang (MD) and John Zopattti (FL) and she rides with Debbie DeWitt since returning to the west. Her jump training has been shaped by Bobby Costello (NC), Mark Weisbecker (NC) and Scott Keach (FL).

Horses have not been the only focus of Meika’s life. She met her husband, Mark Salser, in graduate school at UC Davis. They both share a love of ecology and science. Mark has his PhD in Entomology and was an active board member of The Nature Conservancy in North Carolina, he is a bee keeper and woodworker. Many of the XC jumps Mark builds can be seen on the Polestar and Washington State Horse Park cross country courses. Meika holds a B.S.in Zoology from the University of Washington.