Arrived at Twin Rivers

Jordan and I separated ways for a day! We called to tell each other that we missed the other, funny how you get so used to being with one person. I feel incredibly lucky to have Jordan on board, she is not only a great assistant, but a good friend. She drove Brooke’s horse, Savoy, and Dice back up to Twin Palms in Loomis. Dice was showing a few concerning signs about being stressed at the show. She seems to have every sign of ulcers and was very tense and “racetracky” in the warmup arenas. I think we are looking at a horse who was very good at her job as a race horse (won over 200k at Santa Anita) and being a mare she puts her whole heart into what she does. Jordan needs a little more time to reprogram Dice.

I packed up Dino, Taco and Ria and drove a short 2 hours to Paso Robles. It is so beautiful here, and its not just the contrast between Fresno and the hills. It is a lovely place with beautiful wineries surrounding the event. I called Lori to tell her that she needs to find some reason to visit the wine country here and come down for the event this weekend. Surely, they have friends that they need to wine taste with. I have found a great little cafe in downtown Paso Robles and I plan on frequenting it as much as possible. I hope the weather is holding at home and everyone pass good thoughts to Tor. He passed his vet exam and is spending a few days at his almost new home while a minor skin infection clears up. On Friday we will know if it is his permanent new home. Checkout their website: Westside Stables, in Victoria BC. I love everyone involved and hope it works out, and most importantly they are head over heels in love with the Tor-ba-dor!

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  1. Carolyn

    Your trip sounds like it going great. Good work Dino!!! Yaba-daba-do! Reading your blogs, makes me feel like i am following you guys in a reality show. 🙂 Magic came up a bit lame yesterday. He seemed fine during our hack but seemed a bit off in the arena, so we sent him to bed with some bute and a presciption for a few days of quiet time. I think he should be fine. He better be, his clock is ticking…I head out to Hawaii tomorrow for a week, of, well lets just say, fun. Funny story, I have been corresponding with a woman from Hawaii of all places, who is interested in Magic (I know there was a reason why I bought him that lai last time i was in Hawaii) and she has provided me with additional information on a great place to ride on the Bign Island. So I plan to deep sea fish on Saturday and Sunday and ride (for you Meika, “horseback ride”)on Monday and Tuesday. When am I suppose to read that trashy paperback on the beach?

  2. Lori

    Wish I could come to Paso Robles; there’s some good wines there! Had a lesson with Debbie DeWitt and it rocked! Really learned some cool stuff. Take a look at my photos on fb to see the Pug in action on the treadmill. Have fun!

  3. Krystal

    Well you guys sound like your having a blast. I found your blog while looking for eventing news and show info. Have fun, bye =) feel free to take a look at my website.

  4. Krystal

    probably should include the website lol.

  5. meika

    Hey, can you send that again? It says that the site is under construction. Are you taking photos here at the event? I’d love to meet you.

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