Big winner at Inavale

… is Lori Golitzin!  And she wasn’t even there. But as I was driving home, I felt like I had won the top prize of a horse, Max Factor. Erin Spohr, from  the bay area in California, was riding the lovely paint in the training division and I completely fell in love. You are thinking of the horse, but I mean that about Erin too. She is a lovely rider who has a great way with the horses and people, its really nice to work with a trainer that you trust implicitly. I just met her, but she is high on my list of riders who I would want to hang out with. But back to the horse. She said that when she rides Max, if she doesnt screw up royally, they should win the dressage. And that is what she proceeded to do. Won the XC too, and almost won the whole shebang, but had a rail in SJ. On XC, Max was ratable, polite, clever with his legs and kept his head about him. I hopped on him for a short ride after show jumping just to test the control panel, check the flaps, feel the throttle, and he felt great!  When I rode back to Erin and the owner, Denise, and told them that I wanted him for Lori… I caused tears and hugs. I’ve been in their shoes and it sucks! But from my end, it was great to see that Max is such a loved horse and has a fan club.

Lori is very anxious, to say the least to see what Ive picked out for her. Its a tad strange to pick out someone’s horse for them, but I know Lori very very well and I picked out Maverick (complete success) and feel confident to do it again. Besides, if she doesnt like Max, I will ride him!

My weekend at Inavale did not go as well as Lori’s, however. I took Taco down there knowing that he was not quite feeling himself at the canter. And with a little help from Grant Showalter the bodyworker, we found a pulled muscle in his butt. Not a big deal, but running XC would  not have helped the healing process. So we had a boring weekend in a portable stall. I wanted to be down there anyway, so I definitely dont feel it was a wasted trip. It was great to help Luigi and Caroline with the training half star. It is such a kick to be around those riders who are all pumped for this big deal. Infectious in their excitement, it makes me want to help them have a great time. The T3DE was a bit of a mess with the El Nino winter we had, steeplechase was mucky and it was a good decision to move it to a better location. Im sure Luigi wishes that it had been moved sometime earlier than Friday night at 9 pm….. but he is seemingly immune to stress. I thought the event was great, especially since it was not raining. I think next years is going to be even better, like Aspen spring event, our local organizers are learning that they might need plan B for this type of spring. We riders, will be rewarded with better events.

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  1. carolyn

    did max come home to Polestar? When do we get to see this shinning star? I am sooooooooooo excited for Lori. Maybe I need to bring two bottles of the bubbly.

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