Years ago, back in graduate school, someone once told me that you could always tell who was a programmer and who was a biologist when you walked down the halls of the Zoology department.  Programmers wear spots in their blue jean butts because they sit all day long. And biologists wear spots on their thighs from wiping their dirty hands off.  Today, you could pick me out as a rodeo rider with wear spots on my shoulder and back from getting thrown from a young horse. This is not something that happens frequently, but when it does, it takes you down a peg or two. I will be better in no time, like tomorrow morning please.

cera bounce

But, as I nurse a sore neck, it’s me and the computer (not programming) and some random movies on the tube. Watching Warren Miller XXIVII made me feel like a wimp, but those guys are 20 years old and bragging about they partied til it was dawn then got dressed for the X Games and won a medal.  Lets hope that tomorrow is no X-Game for me, I would like nice boring dressage and trail riding.

With my sore neck right now, Im so glad that I already had jumped Cera two days ago. She does take some athletic maneuvering on my part to stay with her bascule, and I think I would get double whiplash if I tried to school her this week. Here is the resulting video. I already posted it on Facebook, to instant comments. I think the mare is about the coolest thing since ice cubes, but I am thrilled that others think so too. She is about as sassy of a 4 year old as you could want (or not want, depending upon the day) and she is as talented as you could ever hope for. She reminds me of her brother, De Novo, and I cant wait to have them both showing at the same time! Im going to need a seat belt and an airbag.

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