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Kentucky, chapter 1

It seems incredibly apropos to be sitting here on a balmy evening, drinking Kentucky bourbon on ice. I’m listening to the crickets chirp, in that loud way that we really don’t get in the Pacific Northwest.  Moxee has channeled her … Continued

Paso Robles or Bust

Just a quick blog note to keep the hommies happy (Joanne I am speaking of you!). Everytime I travel for an event, I think that there is nothing to report about, but then I get admonished by friends and clients … Continued

Jump Academy #5

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

Its a new season, and a new opportunity for me to blog about cool things that I see on the cross country course. Letty, Moxee, Viki, Lanie and me all went down to California to get the winter rains off … Continued

Enjoying the Frez

Every year that I take this spring trip, it is a little different. We have been to every conceivable combination of California events from March to April. This year, the plan was to do a derby at Fresno County Horse … Continued

Cochlear and his CCI* at Rebecca

We are driving home from an event, exhausted and nobody is talking because you are finally sitting still, after 4 days of vigorous hustle and bustle. Someone will ask to play the game of Pros and Cons – which is … Continued

Jump Academy #3

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

I have another very cool jump to show you. This combination was on the Preliminary course at Inavale HT in Philomath Oregon. And like the previous Jump Academy, this course is also designed by Tremaine Cooper. Inavale is reknowned for … Continued

Paso Robles recap

Letty and I have been so incredibly spoiled for the last 3 weeks. When we arrived early to Twin Rivers, we had no idea that we would be so lucky as to gain 3 great friends. They took us in … Continued

Jump Academy #1

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

This is an introduction to a new series in my blog – Jump Academy! I will periodicallly blog about jumps that I see and ride on courses throughout the seaon. I will try to educate all y’all about why something … Continued

Twin Rivers…. check.

The Twin Rivers event is finished and Letty and I can check the appropriate box: Event was a disaster and we wish we never came Horses were embarrassing examples of feral monsters Event felt easy and we feel prepared for the … Continued

TSA for horses

I’m thinking of Jeanne, my blog muse, right now. I just asked myself “What should the next blog be about?” and my answer was: “What would Jeanne want to know?” Jeanne would want to know how I dealt with moving … Continued