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The Last Say Week #7

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series OTTB Challenge

This time of year, I wish I had a more calm job, not a different one, but one just a little less crazy. From here until October, I am going to be swamped. Until after October 5th, Ellie’s show at … Continued

Panda and Ellie Week #6

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I have written in the past about most of my horses: Dino, Boogie, Lear, now Ellie, and one funny one about Panda. And the blog was funny because Panda did a turn around of behavior that was impressive and suddenly … Continued

The Last Say Week #2

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Hello everyone! I am really excited about this week’s video. I am totally thrilled with how Ellie responded to this week’s training, and I think its fun to compare the first clips to the last ones… that is progress! ¬†What … Continued

Ellie Week #1

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Week one is almost done, and I am really, really happy with Ellie! She is more lovely than I imagined, and I can tell that she comes from a home where she was well loved. She looks to everyone for … Continued

Panda’s big day

I just got home from a HUGE weekend because I helped organize a two day derby at the Horse Park. It was worth all the effort, however. I had a great time watching happy riders on XC where I was … Continued

Scott Keach part Trois

Im sitting here listening to the chirping frogs after having taken the dogs for their nightly walk…. so warm outside and I was overdressed in my sweatshirt. One of the nicest, sunny “rainy” days that the weatherman has forecasted all … Continued

2012 Pipe Opener

How much fun was that weather last Saturday??? Snow, sleet, horizontal rain, wind and snow flakes flopping around like flounders. It was not exactly the perfect day for a horse show… but its Seattle in February! And gosh darn it, … Continued

EI Schooling show at the Horse Park

Due to the plunging Euro and the troubles in Libya, we did not receive a huge number of entries for the combined test at the Horse Park. So, instead of worsening EI’s fiscal bottom line, we decided to cancel the … Continued

Topsy Turvy weekend

I have finally taken a breath to recover from the weekend. As my last post noted, the start to the event was really, really tough. Only when I got home and had a glass of wine on the couch, did … Continued