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Appreciating my favorite vets.

For two seasons now, I have wondered why Cochlear starts out in the spring with trumpets-a-blasting and ends feeling like an out of tune oboe (my sister used to play oboe, so I remember what that sounds like). I have … Continued

Cochlear and his CCI* at Rebecca

We are driving home from an event, exhausted and nobody is talking because you are finally sitting still, after 4 days of vigorous hustle and bustle. Someone will ask to play the game of Pros and Cons – which is … Continued

Jump Academy #2

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

Another installment of Jump Academy is here! For the last 3 shows, I have been finishing up on Sunday, packing the trailer and generally trying to scoot off the grounds as quickly as I can. And I will remember that … Continued

Cochlear CIC*

How do I explain how relieved and lucky I feel? I think the first step is to first explain just how patient and non-goal oriented I have been with Cochlear… and then I think all of my joy becomes self … Continued

Hawaii clinic

I got a blunt message from a friend last week, simple and to the point. “Your blog misses you.” And coincidentally, anther verbal comment from a student “what happened to the rest of your California trip?”. Oops, I guess I … Continued

Twin Rivers…. check.

The Twin Rivers event is finished and Letty and I can check the appropriate box: Event was a disaster and we wish we never came Horses were embarrassing examples of feral monsters Event felt easy and we feel prepared for the … Continued

Tulip Springs, days 2-4

Coming to Kennewick with Letty is a trip down her memory lane. Her knowledge of breakfast restaurants is thin… but she more than makes up for it by pointing out the 7-11 store that sold the most slurpees in 2012 … Continued

Out the door and on the road

I’m pretty sure that all my boarders have told me independently, that they will miss Moxee more than me. What does that say?? Hopefully it only means that they love that dog as much as I do. I’m not sure … Continued

Jumping lessons for Cera and Lear

Hello! Im back after blogging blackout! But now that we are post-holidays and well into the month of sticking to our new year resolutions, I’m inspired to hit the keyboard. And this blog is for good reason. I’m happy to … Continued

Zulu Time

Right when you start feeling all fired up… the karma goddess reminds you of who is actually in charge. I got a new OTTB a month ago from Leigh Grey in Southern California. She is a rockstar eventing pinhooker, if … Continued