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Jump Academy #2

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Jump AcademyAnother installment of Jump Academy is here! For the last 3 shows, I have been finishing up on Sunday, packing the trailer and generally trying to scoot off the … Continued

Hawaii clinic

I got a blunt message from a friend last week, simple and to the point. “Your blog misses you.” And coincidentally, anther verbal comment from a student “what happened to the rest of your California trip?”. Oops, I guess I … Continued

Getting ready for the California Trip

Its that time of year where we are getting ready to jump-start the season by going to California. I love to get a few events completed early before I don the Organizer hat at Equestrians Institute HT in May. I don’t … Continued

Recipe for a Good Ride

I am writing this after baking bread and naan all night… so recipes are on my mind.  In the last blog, I was describing how to start a ride. Actually, it was more an identifier to all the things that … Continued

How To Begin

One of my students, Jeanne, has opened my eyes to blogging opportunities. She pointed out the other day during a lesson, that what we were working on would be a good blog subject. I stared blankly at her, missing the … Continued

Zulu Time

Right when you start feeling all fired up… the karma goddess reminds you of who is actually in charge. I got a new OTTB a month ago from Leigh Grey in Southern California. She is a rockstar eventing pinhooker, if … Continued

OTTB Madness

  First, let me give a big Congratulations to the participants of the Prodigious Fund’s 100 Day Thoroughbred Challenge.  Paige Wagter did an amazing job with the lovely gelding, King of the Sky. She took a horse with a lovely … Continued

Cochlear, the 2014 edition

Its been about 2 years since I wrote about Cochlear. The last blog was describing just how spooky and curious this little horse is, as he rose into his first training level event.  The bottom-line is that at nearly every … Continued

A romp through stats

Now that it is Prodigious Fund season, I am in an OTTB frame of mind. I have been a little slow in entering Ellie (The Last Say, the World-famous 2013 100-Day Challenge horse) into her first event. But I was … Continued


Experience is something you got, just when you needed it. I have always associated this phrase with an image of someone tipping forward over a drop fence, or coming into a one stride without enough canter. Those are moments where … Continued