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Paso Robles or Bust

Just a quick blog note to keep the hommies happy (Joanne I am speaking of you!). Everytime I travel for an event, I think that there is nothing to report about, but then I get admonished by friends and clients … Continued

Getting to Know You

Often I hire girls/women for the working student position who I have not met face to face. And that can be a scary thing. The position is intense: we live within a stone’s throw of one another, we see each … Continued

Guest Blogger, Lauren Greenleaf’s WS summer

Guest Blogger:  Lauren Greenleaf, working student for 2017 Summer, from Hood River, Oregon. When I started my summer as a working student for Meika, I thought I had two very reasonable expectations: I was expecting to make the big move … Continued

A fire extinguisher moment

We have all talked about “epiphany” or maybe its phrased a “lightbulb moment”. Either way, I usually use it to describe that look of enlightenment on my student’s face as they suddenly grasp the idea of what I’ve been preaching … Continued

Jump Academy #4

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

Jump Academy is a series of blogs where I contstantly forget remember to take a photo of a cross country question at an event that I am attending. Then come home and write about the quesiton that the course designer posed to … Continued

Breaking Bad

I am held captive to my computer sitting on the trans continental flight. 4.5 hours of sitting in one place! Of course, there is a blog coming out of this. This week has been some ups and downs with the … Continued

Wine Selection 101

I recently went back and read a few of my old blog posts. It has been so long ago that I had lost my critical eye and I rather enjoyed them! Here is a link to a funny, yet helpful … Continued

Cochlear and his CCI* at Rebecca

We are driving home from an event, exhausted and nobody is talking because you are finally sitting still, after 4 days of vigorous hustle and bustle. Someone will ask to play the game of Pros and Cons – which is … Continued

Jump Academy #3

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

I have another very cool jump to show you. This combination was on the Preliminary course at Inavale HT in Philomath Oregon. And like the previous Jump Academy, this course is also designed by Tremaine Cooper. Inavale is reknowned for … Continued

Jump Academy #2

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Jump Academy

Another installment of Jump Academy is here! For the last 3 shows, I have been finishing up on Sunday, packing the trailer and generally trying to scoot off the grounds as quickly as I can. And I will remember that … Continued