Cochlear Mystery Solved!!

This morning I was crawling around my horse trailer organizing stuff for my California trip, when my phone rang. The number came up something crazy: 353 54 148. (or something similar) And I answered it very curious to whom it was. I was greeted with a slaughter of my name and a “Cheers!!” in a deep Tipperary accent. It was the assistant trainer to Tommy Stark calling excited to have received my card to them saying I had acquired Cochlear. He was so excited to have heard that Cochlear is happy, sound and being trained to a new job. They had actually recieved word from the trainer in California that Cochlear had broken down and had been euthanized. He said that their head girl rider was extremely upset about this news, as they all were. Cochlear was a loved horse! He cleared the mystery about his name, Tommy Stark was stricken with menengitis 7 years ago and was left deaf by the disease. The owner ┬áhad named her new horse after the implant that helped restore some hearing to Mr. Stark, which must have been a life changing positive thing for him. So, how could we change the name? Cant. He has run well under that name, and was named for something dear to the owner and trainer’s heart. So Cochlear it is… even if it is odd to have a horse named after the inner ear. I’ll get over it when he proves he jumps as well as he races.

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  1. Mom

    What a good story – with the exception that he had broken down and was dead?!? Maybe his nick name can be “Coach” or “Rooster”?

    I bet you are right about the bowed tendon but this isn’t a condition for putting a horse down, is it?

    We hope you and Mark can come to us Sunday AM and stay for lunch? They’ll be leaving very quickly afterwards.

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