Corona eventing

Remember that last blog I wrote? You know, the one about being burned out? Well, the only reason I felt super burned out is that I had goals to achieve with my training and I was struggling to juggle all of the demands on my body and brain.  I was on an uphill battle to train well, work well, teach well, live well…. Be well.

Well, just look at us now.  What goals? Will we have a 2020 season? Are all events going to cancel? Am I confined to my home? Will I Be Well?

My spring goals are totally changed. I emailed secretary Christina Gray to tell her that I’m not coming to either Twin Rivers or Fresno HT.  Restaurants and bars are closed by the Governor of Washington and CDC is recommending all groups to be below 50 nationwide.  And tomorrow, everything could change. Leaving us spinning, yet again.

Those close to me know that I am an AVID supporter of two podcasts: This Week in Virology and This Week in Microbiology.  If you are at all a person who is inclined to science, these professors are singing the song of your people. You should subscribe. TWIV has 5 new podcasts dedicated to the new corona virus and EVERYONE should listen to them, whether you are science attracted or not. Do yourself a favor and tune in and learn about the virus from people who actually do hands on work in virology. 

This is the best I have to offer you. Listen to TWIV and get educated about the science of this new virus. Let’s go forward with an education greater than the commonplace media. 

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