Day 4

We loved the stark landscape with the burrowing sheep so much that we decided to camp there for the night. The F road seemed to be one of the only ways to transverse the island, without going around the circumference on the popular “Ring Road”.  And because Iceland has figured out all possible ways to milk out tourist dollars from US and European visitors, this F road too, was exploited. We have never seen so many off road monstrous vehicles as we did there! Trucks that drive on glaciers and apparently also can serve a latte and lunch at the same time.

Much better than a selfie stick.
Much better than a selfie stick.

At one point on the ride we were passed by THIRTEEN Volkswagen Touarags.  They all had German license plates from the town of Wolfsburg. As we pulled off the dirt rut to let them by, some drivers waved and some apparently did not see us. (See previous blog photos for our tame and modest coat colors, no wonder they did not see us :/  Finally, the last car in the parade stopped to talk to us and explained that they were on an Iceland VW Holiday! Wheeeee!  Cars were directly shipped from the factory to Iceland where the tourists would then drive around in a pack, enjoy the awesome German engineering, and presumably buy the car at the end of the trip. Hmmmm, I would like to ridicule it, but I do know one friend who went foxhunting in Ireland and loved the horse so much she brought it home J . And that was a darn good horse.

That morning we had another bumpy, rocky, barren ride that was incredible. We went up a big pass, and bumped our way back down without too much damage to me or Foxy. I was alone for some of my ride for the first time, and it was really nice to just push my own limits as I felt them.


We all re-connoitered back at Kevin after the ride and spent the afternoon doing touristy stuff at Selfoss. Like, stealing Wi-fi for the first time in 5 days near a giant tour bus. Since we all have businesses that are hopefully running back at home, we could justify the stupid hi-tech moment in the parking lot. Not exactly taking advantage of your beautiful surroundings, but crafty, nonetheless.

Selfoss Selfie.
Selfoss Selfie.

After my ride that morning on the F road, I did take a very quick dip in the river with the burrowing sheep as an audience, but it would be a stretch to call it a bath. And it was at the foot of the glacier, let me remind you!  So, it was a high priority to find a good hot springs somewhere that we could all use.  And we found the Mother of all hot springs!!! It is the oldest hot springs in all Iceland. It was a funny combination of ultra modern bathrooms, swimming pool, bar and boiling cauldron. Parts of the pool were probably over 150 F!! Unlike in America, there were no signs from lawyers stating how many ways you could die and how anyone is to blame for it. It is nice to be in a non-American country where people use common sense, not lawsuits to get what they want.





We drove south late in the afternoon to the briny beach on the southern coast. We found an amazing campground with nobody in it, all the hot water showers that we could stand.

Stay tuned for Meika Meets Icelandic Pony HORSE .

Waves crashing on the other side of that berm. BBQ for dinner and hot showers. Best Camping Ever.
Waves crashing on the other side of that berm. BBQ for dinner and hot showers. Best Camping Ever.

Entry from my journal on that day:

New Drink (whether you intended it or not)  Beet 52! Beet juice (we may have thought that it was berry juice, sold in all stores) vodka, lime and splash of tonic.

Megan’s creation:  Pre-cooked, pre-marinated potatoes! Chicken marinating in recycled Doritos bag with soy sauce, garlic, lemon, carrot juice and brown sugar. Throw it on a grill and heaven….

Meika’s creation: leftover slaw from Geysir restaurant ($$$, wasnt going to throw that away!) leftover remoulade (for fries at said restaurant) and thai sauce (Icelander’s favorite dipping sauce! go figure) all mixed with half a head of cabbage.

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