DFL aint so bad.

This has been quite the whirlwind two weeks. I feel that the faucet feeding my life has been turned on full blast. The calendar this year has been a little bit out of whack so that we have back to back events with Whidbey and Rebecca. No problem, we can do it with generous amounts of coffee and beer to supplement on either end of the day.

I entered Whidbey because Boogie needed another BN run before he did the 5 year old class at  Rebecca. And it turned out be a really good decision. I loved the Whidbey course, it educated and built up confidence in us. The jumps were too small at times, but I think that it was very appropritate for the level. Boogie did a good test for dressage, clear on both xc and stadium to end up in 4th place. My only comrade from Polestar was Lorane on Gogo. And sadly, after a great dressage test, she got popped off on jump 6 when Gogo left a little long and made a big effort. I loved his attitude the whole weekend, and I think that Lorane has a lot to look forward to….including sitting trot without stirrups!

I came home on Sunday and rode as many horses as I could, taught as many lessons as possible and then packed furiously to depart for Rebecca on Tuesday, 5 am. The biggest change this year from past years, is that Mark made the trip with us! At this very moment, he is off mountain biking at a local park that boasts lots of trails. We are planning on a trip to a ski resort tomorrow for some fun downhill.

The most notable thing about today was the heat and also it was Boogie’s 5 year old class. He was actually very good, despite being DFL. I ask you to look at that score with a little bit of understanding and less judgement because I always knew that this course might be too much for him, but thought that the experience was going to be a good one despite that. I thought his dressage was good – again for him, as he has only been in an arena twice before. His jumping was fantastic!!! But what really buried our score in the depths was the fact that he had lots of stops to look at everything. He is still green enough that ditches are no problem when they are BN size and also jump 10 on the course. This is a very abbreviated course that is super short and rides more like a show jumping course, the ditch was big and not 50 seconds into the course. We had quite a few stops, and apparently that is a judged component on the course. I thought that the idea was to judge the horse based on potential and talent, and not count stops. Obviously, I was mistaken! Despite that, I am really happy with the quality of Boogie’s jump over his fences. He was lofty and rideable when he understood. We all know that he has taken the long scenic path, nay actually he took the raft with broken paddles upstream both ways, towards his education. His girthiness is still a challenge, especially when we are in a new situation and environment but it is getting better. Sometimes the slow, winding path is the one that creates the best horse in the long run. I always tell myself that this is the most exciting horse Ive ridden in years, and I can wait a few more years to see his talents reach their peak.

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  1. Lindsey

    Great post!!! You guys look like a great pair– it would be fun to get you two in front of my camera 🙂 I look forward to following your progress & growing relationship with him!

  2. carolyn

    I just love those pictures of the two of you. He is just soaring over those jumps.

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