Don Sachey Clinic 2/26-27

I am pleased to announce to everyone that Don Sachey is coming back for a clinic on Feb 26-27. The plan is to focus on show jumping and gridwork, as the cross country course if full of mole hills. Like last year, we will be having 4 groups of about 4-5 riders each and we would love to see you. Call or email me to save a space. Price will be $100 per lesson.

Here are some shots from last years fun:

16 Responses to “Don Sachey Clinic 2/26-27”

  1. Holly

    I’m interested in participating, however, you know Zephyr has that short stride so would this work for her?

  2. meika

    Hi Holly,
    I know Don will be fine with your short strided Zephyr. He is a great teacher and you will learn a ton. Im excited that you will join us.

  3. barbara sakuma

    natalie would love to have 2 lessons at the clinic (one sat and one sunday). is there still room and what do i need to do to reserve a spot?
    barb sakuma

  4. meika

    Hi! Yes, I have you on a list. Please email me details like level of horse/rider and if you need a stall for the night.

  5. Taryn McKee

    I would love to join you guys for the clinic. I was wondering if you still had room for a training/prelim pair on the 27th?

  6. meika

    Yes, and we would love to have you.

  7. Megan

    Hi Meika! Is this $100. dollars for the weekend? or per day? What do you charge for a stall? I would love to ride Beemer in the clinic. If possiable I am thinking 3′ to 3’6″.

  8. meika

    Hi Megan, you will have a great time! Beemer and you will be in the training level group. It is $100 per day, and $20 for night.
    Im so glad we will see you!

  9. Holly

    Hi again, I just read his website and found out I boarded my TB at his parents farm back in the early 1980’s. Small world.

  10. Penny L

    If you still have room I’d love to do the clinic with Don and will bring Sweet.

    We’d be in the BN/N group I think. Sweet hasn’t done much grid work so I won’t be too ambitious with him.

    If possible I’d like to stay the night.

  11. meika

    Yes, we have room. Thanks for responding and you will have a blast.

  12. Megan

    Hi Meika,
    What are the times approx. that you have scheduled? I would also be needing a stall. Thanks,

  13. meika

    I will send out an email to all participants at the beginnning of Feb. If you are restricted to certain times, tell me now. Squeeky wheel gets the grease!

  14. Jordan

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease… hahahahaha

  15. Louise

    Hi Meika,

    Do you have room for a training level horse on Sat or Sun? He’s still new to training level, competed a few schooling shows at training and gone clear, has schooled some prelim.

    I have a few pony clubbers interested too…what do you have left for other groups?

  16. meika

    Hi Louise,
    yes, we have room. I will send you an email.

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