Dressage and SJ day

Hi! Some of you have already seen the photos I have posted on FB, and they of course, include the fabulous scenery at Ram Tap. You are jealous, admit it. I think that it is important to include the power lines because it is the most memorable item to look at here. Ram Tap just would not be the same without it.  My current pink/tan and Dino’s poor dressage performance are not due to the electro magnetic radiation that is bombarding me, despite all the jokes.

Jordan and I did not start the day very well. We were both “lucky” to be in Ring 1, which was located closest to the roadway and rider path, and neither of our horses are dull enough to ignore the constant stream of trucks downshifting and riders trotting late for their warmup. Brogan was tight and tense, and breaking gaits as result. My test was about the same, but add explosive bucks and stops. I tried to help Dino by riding him with more support, and that did not work very well. I tried posting, and that was not the answer either. His final canter at the very end of the test was lovely, however. I think that the judge had already made up her mind that he was a nutter by then.

On to show jumping, and a brand new day. Brogan was fantastic and jumped very well once he got into the arena. He had my heart pounding, however while Jordan was in the warmup area. As a trainer, I have so much invested in my riders that I can get very anxious for them. I want all my rider’s hopes to come true, and I want the horse to behave so that the rider feels a sense of acomplishment and success. I try very hard to portray a calm, understanding and a controlled outward appearance for the sake of the rider’s own sanity. We have all seen the trainers that are screamy, negative, loud and interfering. That cant be good for the student, can it? I always wonder why the student does not recognize that they are paying for this service.

But, I digress!! Back to show jumping. Somehow, the timer went and took a nap while Jordan rode her course, as she had lots of time penalties. If that round was slow, then I am a pink pirate. Jordan was very happy with her round, as was I. Brogan did not have amazing steering in the hackamore, but it is a great solution to his tendency to grow huge and bossy when he is tense.

Dino was amazingly rideable and calm for the warmup! Some of you already know that the warmup arena is his most uncomfortable situation. He gets nervous when horses come head on and also from behind. And, horses from the side can be creepy too, for that matter. He bucks and kicks when he is tense, and deserves the red ribbon in his tail. But today was a very quiet arena and that did us a world of good. He jumped a few jumps very calmly and he walked into the arena on a long rein like ole Shep.  His round was fantastic for the first of the year, I could not have been happier.

Shauna was the hero of the day! She was able to put together TWO fantastic rounds with Romeo. This partnership is very new and we are all learning about the many sides to his personality. Any time that you travel a long way to a show, you tend to have inflated anxieties about the results than if you went to a local show. Nothing like traveling 16 hours to your first event! Shauna has to be one of the most positive people that Ive ever met, she has been a blast to have along on the adventure. Romeo, is a little more mercurial than Shauna, however. He has had two terribly obnoxious, herdbound days (Wed and Thurs) but today he barely twisted an ear wrong. He was fantastic! He clearly which days count, and which days are purely for entertainment.

Stay tuned for XC stories.

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  1. shauna morrissey

    Hey, what happened to Romeo being “Bonehead”. Mercurial is such a nice word for what he was!

  2. mary meagher

    Way to go girls!
    Have a great ride tomorrow!

  3. Jennifer

    Oh what a wonderful update, you are a wonderful coach. It all sounds like so much fun. Congratulations to you all, and go get them on XC !!

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