Earth Wind and Fire

All systems GO, captain.

We left Tulip Springs at dawn and were estimating that we should add another 2 extra hours into our drive than the iPhone suggested. This was based on my hair raisin’ drive down Umptanumashtash Ridge, or whatever it is called. But, apparently our time adjustment was unnecessary. Either I have gotten better at driving Vanna, or Interstate construction sucks in Washington. Here in Oregon and California we had 5% grade for 2 miles. That is tolerable. Umptanumashitash is 6% for 5 miles! Which is apparently that exact palm-sweating moment for me where I switch from feeling in control to victim of gravity.

Sideways snow in Shasta area.

Our goal was to get to A&B Horse Hotel in Redding. And in between we got an earful from Mother Nature! For about 100 miles through Oregon we had blowing sideways hail and snow, broken up with fits of sunshine and dry roads. Bizarre. Then we drove headlong into a dust storm just as we entered California. The entire time we were treated with a easterly wind that I would have been completely intimidated by last week. But tonight, I’m feeling pretty darn cool about my driving a tall box, about as aerodynamic as a boulder through that wind.

Dust storm in Dorris.
And finally, lets just burn the place up.

We made it to A&B Horse hostelery only to discover that we are walking in the footsteps of friends. My farrier, Ruben Davalos, has left his calling card here as well as two friends Jordan Linstedt and Kelly Burris! Nice to know we all have kept our loved animals with these fantastic people. I will try to rummage out a business card of my own to add to the corkboard of fame.

Toby enjoying his time off the van.
Boys relaxing in the evening at A&B.

And just in case you are interested in A&B Horse Hostel, here is a link to the Horse Hotel website. The horse’s digs are great. 12×13 stalls with small paddocks. Just enough outside elbow room to get air, roll and calm down from the drive. Not so big that they will get hurt. Our boys look incredibly happy to be here. I can’t recommend this place more highly!

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