EI Eventing Director: me

Some of you know this already, and have congratulated me on my new appointment as Equestrian’s Institute Eventing Director. Im still very new to the position, so Im not quite sure what I do, other than approve budgets and re-learn Robert’s Rules of Order. I am attempting to understand the new Equestrian’s Institute website, and part of that includes writing a blog post. ┬áIm just going to be blogging night and day. If you cant find me in the barn, look on the computer. Thought you might like to see the post, as well as ask yourself if becoming a member of EI is something that you would want to do.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Don Sachey clinic. Its a bummer, but the horrid weather last week disrupted the first plans and then the group momentum for an alternative date (this weekend) was just not jiving. I didnt have time to re advertise to get more participants at short notice, so we decided to get a summer clinic planned. Stay tuned for that date.

But I am delighted to tell you that I can GUARANTEE like a used-car salesman that the weather from here on out will be wonderful. Yes, you heard that right: with 100% certainty the weather will be dazzling sunshine and balmy breezes with the aroma of coconut and pineapples. Why, you ask??? Well, we have removed (no pun intended) the only reason why we have had snow and rain this winter….. Archie McPhee has been gelded!!!! Yes, Dr. Ron Colton and I have solved the reason behind the El Archie meterological event, and they (both of them) are in the garbage. Archie has managed to delay the gelding FOUR times this winter with one flood and THREE snows. How does he do it? We are not sure, but it involves powerful magic. Everytime the sun shines, you need to thank me and Ron!

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  1. Karen Hensley

    Congratulations and Thank You for being our EI Eventing Director.

  2. Holly

    Congratulations! Love the picture, he’s a cute little bugger. Thanks for all you do.

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