Tulip Springs, days 2-4

Coming to Kennewick with Letty is a trip down her memory lane. Her knowledge of breakfast restaurants is thin… but she more than makes up for it by pointing out the 7-11 store that sold the most slurpees in 2012 in the whole United States. I may have lost some important knowledge about differential equations to make room for that piece of trivia in my brain. Thankyou Letty.

More red and white faced friends live over here.
More red and white faced friends live over here.

I thought that by taking a clinic with eventing legend, Eric Smiley, we would prepare ourselves up well to go compete. And I was right. This guy is a specially gifted teacher – he is demanding, precise, simple and clear. He is supportive and critical all in the same breath. But what I love most is his simplicity. His message is very straightforward without any bling to muddle up the rider’s mind. My student know how I feel about bling!!

Lets review the horses on this trip:

Cochlear, 10 year old TB, born and raced very successfully in Ireland. He has been with me 4 years. He is preparing for his first CIC* and CCI* this year. He is a careful horse and that is why he is a bit on the slow road. Every level he has competed at, I thought was his limit. And then he keeps on moving up the levels. It’s like Christmas every summer with him.

Toby, 5ish Belgium draft cross. Belongs to my student Rodger Nye and I will be competing him at Training level this year. This is a super talented horse who is very gifted over the fences! He feels like he has a lot of ability to succeed at eventing. Now he just needs some more experience.

Archie, 6 year old TB x Holsteiner, homebred of mine out of my CCI** mare A La Mode. Letty competed him last year at BN and N level and she will start out this year at Novice but wont stay there long. I have incredibly high hopes for this horse. He has all the ingredients to be a superstar – quirky, hot, sensitive, bold, just to name a few.

Panda, 10 year old TB. This horse redefines quirky. He has been on the backburner for me since I bought him as a 3 year old due to various physical difficulties. At times he appears to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal and at other times you think you are sitting on Neville Bardos. Thank goodness Letty came into his life. He is her front burner horse and is so lucky to have her.

That’s all for now. I will recap the clinic in the next blog!

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