Finished Ram Tap

Hi all, sorry that I couldnt tell you yesterday how XC was. We got a little busy and I did not make it to a hotel parking lot to mooch their wifi.  

XC was great! Cool windy day that produced a little more excitement for Ria and Dice than we planned. Ria experienced some very very scary jump flags flapping in the wind! and she protested at fence 1, of all places. Once we took a small tour around the jump so she could see that she was not in a parade, she continued to the rest of the course just fine. She darted and doged at least 5 times, which was distracting, but we managed. It was an excellent course for her – 4 opportunities to get in the water jumps (I sneaked in an extra little detour to get her feet wet without getting penalized). She also had a ditch combination and some related distances. Really good school. Needless to say, since she was so unfocused around the course, I am really glad that we will be going to Twin Rivers right away to repeat the exercise.

Dice had 12 GREAT fences, and then the 13th was just too much. Poor little girl was pretty overwhelmed with the whole warmup arena, spectator, ambulance, loudspeakers and other horses. She will repeat the course on Tuesday before we pack up and hopefully it will be a better experience for her.

Taco was great. I think I found a bit that I like, which was NOT the one I used on XC. He had a great round, but was too curled in his neck. We show jumped in a snaffle-like bit and it worked well. I will try it on xc at Twin.  But Ive skipped ahead of myself…. I was still on xc day.  Its always hard to ride a new horse around a course, especially one as nice as Taco. You just dont know what they will feel like until you pass through those flags and give it a try. I loved the feel he gave me. He is honest and lovely – good job Jordan. He could also be a fast little guy if I let him, but he wont get that feeling for a while!

Show Jumping was great for all. Ria jumped a very laaarge novice course. At least it felt large to me on her, I just did not know what she was going to do. Taco great, Brooke great. Oh yea, and Happy Birthday Brooke!

Our plan is to have a quiet day tomorrow and then school Ria, Dice and Dino on Tuesday. We will pack up and drive 3 hours to Twin Rivers and start all over again!  Dino is getting a heck of an education this week. He was forced to be *patient* and watch warmup yesterday for at least an hour. It was torture to him. Couldnt understand what the purpose was of that. The purpose was for him to have horses whizzing around and for him to be bored out of his mind! He still has us on pins and needles a bit when we get on him – he can be a loose cannon if he wants! But a fancy loose cannon. Bye for now!

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