For want of a shoe…

…the show was lost.  Well, I can tell you about the fantastic, great 8 fences that Taco and I jumped! And on the approach to the double up banks, I saw his front shoe whiz past my ear at an amazing speed.  Seeing that I still had a long way to jump and gallop, I immediately pulled up and retired from the course. Continuing on the course missing a front shoe is not in the best interest of Taco. And while I like to win a competition just like everyone else, I am happy to watch this blue ribbon fly by me. Taco walked off the course like an ole cow pony, I think he knew that he was benched 🙁

Ria had show jumping yesterday and our warmup arena is beautifully situated on the galloping lane for the Advanced course. Poor little buttercup was absolutely blown away by the galloping horses nearby and she lost all of her brain. Fortunetly, there was a second warmup arena available for us that was seldom used and I could protect her a little in that quiet atmosphere instead of the crazy novice warmup arena.  When I had acomplished all I possibly could with her, I went and signed up for my round.   Lets just say that when I came out of the arena, Jordan’s eyes were huge and she was tsk tsking Ria. It was a hard round to ride, one rail belies the truth of it!  Ria will see a lot of warmup arenas this year and I look forward to keeping her brain for most of them.

We are bringing home a new horse, Ransom. He is a 6 year old TB from Shirley Aaronson and she has competed him at Training level. He is a lovely horse and I am so excited to have him. Today is Ria’s xc and then we will pack up and go. I might not get to blog at the end of the day because I will be excited to get on the road. We are going to Loomis again, and meeting Taco’s old farrier to have a little chat and shoe job.  Home on Tuesday!!!

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  1. Claire

    Hey Meika,
    Have a safe drive home, everyone will be glad to see you! I hope you get to come home to the weather we had today, the farm was gorgeous. You’ve got trillium blooming in the woods, bees buzzing around the hives, and happy horses shedding out all their winter fuzz.
    ps: Livvy’s coat looks beautiful again, phew:)

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