Getting ready for the California Trip

Its that time of year where we are getting ready to jump-start the season by going to California. I love to get a few events completed early before I don the Organizer hat at Equestrians Institute HT in May. I don’t get to compete at my own event, so therefore if I didn’t go to California and compete a few times, I would feel woefully under-prepared for Aspen’s event in June! And if you are under-prepared for Aspen, then you play catch-up at Inavale and then you are barely treding water to stay afloat at Rebecca. Sheesh! Our Area VII season is complicated.

This month is Mark Appreciation Month (ironically, MAM).  Mark has, despite being sick

Vanna, the White and Blue.
Vanna, the White and Blue.

with several different maladies, worked on Vanna. For all y’all who dont know who Vanna is… she is the new love of my life. After begging my best friend in Virginia for 5 years to buy her… it is finally mine! (insert evil tyrant laugh).  Vanna is a 6-horse van with living quarters, built by Frank DiBella in Pennsylvania. This isn’t the sort of vehicle that you see very often in the west, but they litter the parking lots in the east. I’m hoping to start a new trend (and Frank is hoping so too).

Mark has crawled all around Vanna to make a wiring schematic, plumbing diagram and also has labeled with his Uber-Type-A labeling machine, every single wire and switch that can be found. He has also welded me new saddle racks and new shelving for the cabinets in both Vanna and the cargo trailer.  How he knows how to do all this, is a giant mystery to me. I am an expert at starting jobs, I am a concept person. I love to think of all the things that I could do. The only problem is finishing them.  Mark not only thinks of a plan, but then he acutally finishes it.

Vanna is going to tow a little cargo trailer behind her, and that too received the Mark Makeover.

Before the test drive.
Before the test drive.

Anyway, my plan (that I actually CAN finish) is to do more short frequent blogs in the next month to keep you informed on the whole process of the California trip. Should be fun!

And after the drive. Points given to those who can find the differences.
And after the drive. Points given to those who can find the subtle differences.

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