Hunter Pace at Wa Horse Park

Wow – what a great day! I woke up at 1:00, 4:30 and 6:00 AM and was startled by the vast amount of rain coming down from the skies. Especially, the 4:30 one….that was a deluge that pounded off our tin roof. Not once did I think that our big outing to the Horse Park would be threatened, because I had faith that Cle Elum would have perfect skies. Jordan and I got up to do the barn at 6, and neither one of us mentioned the rain. JoAnn, Lori and Jeanne arrived later and none of them mentioned it either! Were we all in denial? or not be daunted?

Our day at the park was beautiful! We had 8 horses from Polestar going, and we jammed them into the trailers, off we went,windshield wipers maxxed out! We arrived to dry conditions and everyone was happy.  We did plan to have a potluck lunch after we rode… but that plan went out the window. We tucked the horses into their stalls and all chowed down on awesome food. Thanks to everyone who contributed! Everyone should ask Jeanne for her Pear Tatain recipe… that was my favorite. Just so the rest of you are jealous: Shepards pie, baked chicken, spinach omlette, brownies, more brownies, red and white wine, hot coffee, cheese/salami, fresh oranges, nectarine and pear crisp….. need I go on?

The course that EI set up for the hunter pace was awesome!  The horses got their ya-yas out for a few minutes on a wide trail that soon started weaving through the trees. Just when they had stopped bucking and snorting, the trail turned into single track! I had so much fun riding that single track like we were on a salom course – the horses had ears pricked trotting very twisty through the trees. We could leave them alone in the bridle and let them find their way, they loved the path because it was interesting and novel. Logs and portable jumps interspersed through the course mean that you could challenge yourself as you see fit. We did have a little rough time when the path went very close to I-90, and the horses had to cope with a very LOUD Harley Davidson chopper…. but such is life. Joann took advantage of the Ride and Review and Olivia got a bit more of a workout than some of our horses.  Dino made my life VERY interesting by leaping and bucking as often as he went straight – he caused gasps from several onlookers. He is like riding a helium ball… he just escapes gravity because it is so simple for him. The laws of physics dont apply to that guy!

Lets talk about Boogie!!! His first time away from home and he was a star! He negotiated the strange stall, cars, group ride, crazy riders and leaping horses better than horses 4x his age! He has to be the most gentle, sane and sensible 3 year old that I have EVER met. Wes rode him and they have a lovely partnership…. I think Wes is going to go through withdraw when I take Boogie back and get him used to an english saddle.

Before I tell you about Lori, I have to tell you that she texted me on Saturday to say that she was very nervous to do the trip. Fast forward the movie to her jumping every single jump today! She had the most sensible and lovely day on her horse, Max. We are all very happy that she is finding herself deeper and deeper in love with her new horse!

Jordan on Kat

Claire on Tiger

Mark on Riva

Joann and big O

Minet on Tigger

Jeanne and Cappy

and we didnt spend enough time with Susan and Hank Greenwald because they were having too much fun with Todd Trewin.  Our loss!

6 Responses to “Hunter Pace at Wa Horse Park”

  1. Jennifer

    Congrats, it sounds like so much fun. Kat looks wonderful, I can’t wait to hear more from Jordan about how they did.

  2. Lisa

    What a great time…so glad it ended up being a dry day and everyone had such fun rides. Can’t wait to join the next outing. What great food you all had as well…wow 🙂

  3. Holly

    It was a fun day, wasn’t it? That Boogie is gorgeous and what a good boy too. Definitely want to join the next outing, you always have the most fun.

  4. Debbie

    I hope Tiger did ok. Thanks for getting her out and using her a bit since Kasey has been gone.

  5. claire

    Thanks for letting me ride Tiger. As you can tell by the post, it was a fun day out!

  6. Penny Leggott

    Hi Meika et al
    So glad you were all able to come! I loved reading your blog and looking at the photos – I was able to enjoy the weekend all over again!

    Team Polestar won the blue (first) for the grey fox team event and the ribbons and gift certificates will be on their way today.

    See you all at the Spring Hunter Pace event too I hope.


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