Iceland Adventure, Day 0

And by Day 0, I mean that we better have gotten everything done by now! Don’t forget the passports, who has the tickets? Did you remember to let the air out of the bike tires for flying (thank goodness, yes). Are the dogs going to be ok (I hope so)? Are Letty and Margarito going to drown in horses while I’m gone? This is nearly a year in the making, and we are going to go see a totally new country by bike!

Just take a big breath, and walk out the door. Let go of all those worries and get on with your adventure!

Let me introduce the characters:

Mark – husband extraordinaire. Also, uber-fit bicyclist who I am hoping will pull me through the hurricane force headwinds when we ride. He is riding his beloved Moots bike, which we have named Whiskey River. Because who doesn’t love the song and the drink? But, its also written on the forks.

Hubba Hubba.
Hubba Hubba.



Megan – my childhood friend. She and I share so much in common, not only our histories with our families (mom’s are probably closer to each other than we are!) but also a love of horses, dogs, friends, and of course food.  Megan owns and operates Pine Street Bakery and Kitchen with her husband, Clint.  Proud rider of “Icy The Solid”. (That is her norse name, anywhere else, just Icy).dsc_2904



Clint – husband of Megan and happy rider of Fargo. Which is, oddly enough, also the name of Megan’s horse. Clint is a recovering physical therapist, now new owner of a restaurant and all the joys that it brings.  Devoted dog lover, joke teller, cinematographer and gin lover. Oh, and he nearly singlehandedly organized the details for the entire trip.img_9814



Me – My ride is Foxy, named after my first welsh pony, who was also orange colored. Foxy is a Niner cyclocross/touring bike who did no wrong on this trip. dsc_2814



Kevin – the giant orange Sprinter van who we loved for 10 days.  Sleeps 4 comfortably, although you have to wiggle into the top bunk like you are going cave spelunking. Tighter than a….  We rented Kevin from Kuku Campers. A fantastic company, who we could not recommend more highly. Super fun, young spunky people operate it and get you on the road, they might not know the most about mechanical stuff, but they do a great job making sure you have what you need to camp in a very remote country.img_7562

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