It cant be this easy…

Can it? We cant just jump in the car with 5 horses and have an easy trip where nothing goes wrong.  No of course not!  The F-350 is at the Ford dealership right now with faulty clutches in the rear differential. They say it is a pretty easy fix…. they say.  We might be able to pick up the truck this afternoon (it is currently 2:45) and be on our way tomorrow to Ram Tap in Fresno. Im hopeful!

Ria somehow managed to pull 2 nails out of a rear shoe on the trip up here and tweek the shoe a bit. So Jordan’s old farrier came over to give me some advice on how to manage Taco’s shoes and soundness. He was willing to also fix Ria… who then decided to freak out about some small bird while the shoe was half off and step down on the clip!  sigh.  We got right on top of the small wound with packing, iodine and other voodoo. Hopefully, she will be alright!  Im thinking she will be.

Dino was FANTASTIC this morning!  Jordan managed to move from poles, to Xs, to up bank, to water and to down bank!  So far the “Shock and Awe” method of training seems to be working on him. He doesnt know which way to look for the new scary thing… so he seems to be looking to us for support and not leaping up in the air. He looks like a fancy pants and is showing off his great body to everyone.

Im very very very very very grateful to Wes!!  (Jordan’s boyfriend). He is my hero because he is driving my truck to the shop, meeting with the RV guy to fix a leak in the trailer, answering phones and making appointments for me AND bringing us coffee and bagels every morning. Without him, I would not have time to blog because I would be running around like Ria.

I dont know how to post photos yet, probably because I did not bring the right wires to connect my phone to this computer. Maybe I will find an Apple store to fix this situation.  I hope everyone at home is drying out, sounds like a wet few day in Wa. Hugs to all.

3 Responses to “It cant be this easy…”

  1. Mark

    Go Wes!

    And have fun in lovely Fresno – I wish I could be hanging out next to the dusty trailer park too (not!!!). Paso Robles is the home of nice vineyards…Fresno is the home of 40oz malt liquor and the Mickey’s Big Mouth.

  2. meika

    Hey! Thats what Jordan is drinking right now! She’s fancy.

  3. Justina Iniquez

    Normally I’m not all that fascinated or curious about this kind of thing, but your post has shown me the error of my ways. My thanks to you for taking the time out of your day to write about something like this.

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