Jen Verharen clinic

Its been close to half a year since I saw Jen, and I was hoping that it would snow so hard yesterday that she had to stay another day! The morning rides were beautiful with the backdrop of snow flurries coming down. But by afternoon it was just plain ole clear and cold. As usual, Jen rocks. She taught 11 of us yesterday and everyone that I watched left the arena with huge smiles and some insight into their horse and themselves.

It is days like yesterday that I really appreciate my boarders because Lori made a giant crock pot of chicken and dumplings for everyone! It makes me, and Im sure others, feel welcome and happy. People want to be here and they take care to look out for each other. Sometimes I read on the COTH forums about how ugly the barn atmosphere can be for some and I thank my lucky stars that we have such a great collection of people and horses here at Polestar. I was also thrilled to see so many students stay to watch rides other than their own. There was a jury of students huddled under blankets watching the rides and learning all they could, providing peanut gallery feedback too. Of course…. I ride at the end of the day and there was nobody to see Lacey!  Where is the love??? Kidding, it was 6:00 and Im sure that I would have left also if I were cold and had to drive home. But everyone missed a treat. Lacey, a new mare in training, was fantastic. She is missing a lot of strength and fitness over her topline, but the buttons are all there. She and I worked on establishing a waiting relationship… her waiting for me to ask her to do things. Lacey is into volunteering. She sees the diagonal across the arena and she volunteers to extend. She feels an outside bend at the canter and she volunteers like the Salvation Army to pop in a lead change. She is a lovely horse and she nearlly jumps as well as she does dressage. We are re-negotiating the “wait” to the jumps, and it is coming along nicely.

Its snowing again right now, and I imagine that it will be crickets here all day long. Mondays are like that, but the horses deserve a nice rest in their stalls after such a busy weekend.

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  1. JoAnn

    Thank you, Meika, for organizing such a neat opportunity. You’re the best!!

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