Labor days

Just when most of you are sensing that the summer is winding down, we here at Polestar are just hitting our groove! We have the upcoming French Creek Derby here this weekend. And if you are interested in coming, well get in line. Apparently there has been a wait list for quite a while. Im not running the show, but Heidi Hanson is and she tells me that her husband has started to hide her phone in the refrigerator or other difficult to find places. I suggest that she get a really really good ring tone, so that at least she can enjoy the noise for half a moment.

The jaw dropping news from me and Mark is that we went on “Vacation”. Ive had someone drop their sandwhich when I told them this, but yes, it is true. We took a real 3 day vacation. The WS watched movies every night with the dogs, snuggled with the cats, rode my horses while we went off and bombed around amazing mountain biking trails. ¬†We went to Mountain Bike Oregon in Oakridge OR. If you dont know it, you havent been reading enough mtn biking magazines…. its mecca. But anyway, the motto for MBO is Bikes, Buses, Beers. And that perfectly describes it. Buses allow you to have up to 3 hours of downhill singletrack. Technical, dirty and awesome! We are hooked and will be back there next year. I fell in love with the Diamondback 29er… and you must see this video: Diamondback. At least watch to 2:48, and you realize that these guys are the eventers of the bike world. Ouch!

Its off to mow, paint and rake. Thanks VERY much to my amazing group of working students. Shauna, Annika, Marissa and Lucinda are the most eager and helpful group yet. I would not be here in front of the computer without you, Id be outside doing it all myself. Thanks bunches!

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