Late post on Twin Rivers

Hi All, I just got a text from Mark asking me why I stopped blogging. Sorry! Yesterday, I was waiting to download photos to put up on the blog. Still have not done it, but I will explain the weekend anyway, sans photos.

Dino came up with a slight swelling in his hind tendon area, and I asked a vet to come out and check it out. He was ultrasounded and there is swelling in the tendon sheath but no tendon damage. I decided to not take any unnecessary risks and scratched from the show. Now, I know most of you are saying “Why??? He is not lame! Why not run?” I will tell you why: Ive learned through the years that it is not worth it to aim for the short term goals. The much wiser thing to do is to take him home, do some shockwave therapy, walk for a few weeks and resume work when he is 100%. Which is what I am going to do. Yes, it is disappointing to not compete here, and lordy do I wish that I was an ignoramus and could just blast through the competitions and not give a regard to my horse’s welfare. But I am not that sort of person. I want Dino to be my next Advanced horse, and the road is LONG to get there. Just imagine if he did injure the tendon, could I come home and say that it was worth the damage to have a clear and fast run at Novice level? Nope.

Shauna had a surprising bruise in Romeo’s foot! He came out of the stall quite sore on his hind leg on Friday and thankfully the vets and farriers have worked hard to get him ready to compete…. but a day too late. He looks great today! But unfortunately, not in time for dressage yesterday. So, she is being a good sport and jump judged all day today. Again… it is a teaching moment: better to know that your horse will be fine in the long term. Sadly, a bit of a let down after such a great experience at Ram Tap. But the season is long and Shauna will have her chance in the sun (or rain if in Washington) for another good event.

Jordan was the hero this time. She had a great dressage, 190% better than her dressage at Ram Tap. Brogan was relaxed, swingy and obedient. He could have been better in a few transitions and more uphill for a top score, but we were all very happy to have such an improvement from last weekend. Today he show jumped and was a wee bit wild. While Novice and Training levels are show jumping, the upper levels are running XC a mere 100 feet from their warm up arena. Brogan noticed! He and Jordan were also mixed up in a crowded warmup situation, which did not relax him any. He had a good round that can be improved upon with more experience. She will go XC tomorrow morning, the course looks quite inviting and fun. Im excited for her. Its always nice to sit on a horse that makes the jumps feel small!

Im coming home with a tan, a show savvy Dino and ready to tackle the upcoming season. Desipite the few setbacks, it was still a great experience for the horses to go to back-to-back shows. Dust the rust off, apply grease and kick on. See you at home!

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  1. jordan

    Hope the drive wasn’t to terrible! Thanks for a fantastic start To the season! Miss you guys already! Love you!

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