Late summer

Who would have thought that September would be the month that looks like late July. Finally, my plants outside look a little wilted, the leaves a little dusty and my arenas daily needing water. Its about time. But where are my red tomatoes? Does anybody have ripe tomatoes this year?

Ive been a little late with writing about Polestar news, due to the constant traffic in my life. But, the big thing for last week was the Scott Keach clinic hosted by Area VII Adult Riders.  This is my third time riding with Scott and yet again, I am really, really happy with what I learned. Ive got another little trick up my sleeve for a few horses, especially Lear. His show jumping “prowess” is scary (read that both ways) and I have been really worried about his lack of confidence when he jumped at Aspen a few weeks ago. Lear in a nutshell is careful about touching poles, and yet doesn’t yet have the skills to get himself out of trouble. His jumping form changes dramatically when he is nervous, and that is not good. I am going to work all winter on his understanding of the bit and creating a better mouth on him. At the moment, I cant even help him when he gets worried because his mouth is just not there. I go to help him add a stride and he falls apart in his jumping form. So, there is a long road ahead for me. But Im up for it. He is a lovely horse who is fun to ride, and has a wonderful mind. Besides, what else am I going to do all winter?

My students all had a great time too at the clinic. Susan Greenwald was given an additional two thumbs up for moving up to training level! She now has collected enough support to actually go do it at NWEC in a few weeks. She came out on Sunday and jumped a full course at max height, and a few with the 2 inch fudge factor higher. She rocked it. Im thrilled for her and Mr. Dalesman. He looks like the athlete he is, all proud and ears up!

Annika and Lucinda both got strong lessons on how to KICK! And Scott meant, really kick. They were both so excited about what they learned that they decided that they wanted to enter NWEC afterall. Before last week, they had decided they were both done for the season.  I think they will both end the season very well…. But don’t forget to kick!

One final word, we will miss our excellent summer working student, Marissa Williams and her horse Allstar. She has gone back to finish her degree in San Louis Obispo, but we had a wonderful time with her for the long summer. I always said that Allstar was the best named horse in the barn. They arrived here with very little jumping experience, if any at all. And due to his fabulous mind and athletic ability, Marissa was able to work on her own skills and by September they were comfortably schooling all our training level jumps at home. They finished the summer in amazing form with a win at Aspen at BN! I am so proud of her accomplishment and cant wait to see them again. Jordan swears that she will take good care of them down south until they come up for summer camp again.



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  1. Susan Greenwald

    Thanks to both you and Scott for the votes of confidence! Dalesman sure seems to love the bigger jumps – as you say ears up and forward!

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