Made it to Sunshine…almost

Hi all,

I included the “almost” because as soon as we arrived to Twin Palms barn in Loomis, it started to rain and hail. So the “almost” applies to the sunshine, not the arrival. I am beginning to believe that the grey clouds are following us – but I am still applying my SPF 40 just in case the clouds turn out to be dust and pollution. Always be ready for anything, is my motto.

Our trip was quite uneventful. My passenger and car comrade, Shauna Morrissey, was excellent company and I now have her addicted to my favorite driving book on CD – The Hunger Games. Im sure on the way home she will get me addicted to her vampire books. I make no excuses for our un-scholarly selection when driving! We need pure entertainment. Murder, magic, vapire and mystery are not just acceptable, but most preferred!

The horses travelled very well and they were thrilled to get to Jordan’s family farm in Loomis. As mentioned in previous trips, it is great to stop there not only because of the fabulous company and hospitality but the 14 x 16 stalls that the horses enjoy. Its a wonderful, quiet location to recover from the dizziness of the road.

Jordan is still at home in Loomis, but Shauna and I hit the road again this morning to get to RamTap HT, located in beautiful Fresno. Thank goodness we got here early, as both Dino and Romeo were perfect boneheads today when we rode them. Ok, I know that is not polite to call them that, but they were most upset about the silliest of things. Dino was a leaping, plunging fish – and I think he did it just because it was fun. Romeo is herdbound, and was quite difficult for Shauna to ride. Neither one of us praticed anything of any worth – but it was an excellent reminder that it is very EARLY season and we should be most surprised if they were perfect gentleman and quiet, docile animals. I am hoping that tomorrow I can move past the feeling that Dino is green-broke and discuss the merits of a half-halt with him.

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  1. chris mcnabb

    We loved having you. ! See you at ram tap tommorrow !

  2. Jennifer

    What you need is ladylike Katana to add some common sense to the outings. We send our good wishes.

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