Murphy’s Law and vacations

I did hear recently that Murphy was a real person who described the moniker about his own luck. There was, apparently, an Air Force captain named Murphy who was involved with painful G-force testing on one of his pilots. Apparently, the sensor wires had been hooked up wrong and none of the test results were recorded, much to the horror of the pilot, Im sure. What can go wrong, will go wrong.

My case of “Murphy’s law” this week is not nearly so important as air force testing, but still, frustrating. I leave on vacation…. And the barn falls apart. Mark and I have a history of attempting to go on vacation and mere moments before we are to get in the car, some disaster strikes a dog or a horse. This time, it is humans! As of this very moment, dogs and horses appear to be fine, but the wind is changing directions…

I want to give a Purple Stirrup award to Lorane Matarazzo who was involved in a silly accident and now her arm is in a cast. Gogo, went went and Lorane fell off. Way back in April I did decide to NEVER bail off the back of a horse ever again voluntarily. And I might add a little asterix to the end of that rule to say that if I don’t have either of the reins, as Lorane did not, then possibly bailing might be an option to consider. I believe the Purple Stirrup award will involve a goblet of wine, to help with the healing, of course.

Then, the next disastrous phone call I got from home was something about Shauna, a wheelbarrow, and her elbow. Possibly a too heavy wheelbarrow, because she is a very industrious person, aggravated her yet to be discovered arthritis and sent her to the hospital. She was hoping that she did not tear a tendon and thankfully, that was not the case. However, Shauna might be the first person in the barn who will be added to the Smartpak order. She is going to get something very similar to Taukalot: MSM, chondroiton, perna mussel and corticosteroid injections. I might need to do pre-purchase exams on my workers from here forward to see what sort of supplements they need to be on.

Meanwhile, I am having a great time here on my visit to DC. I arrived on Friday night and was swept up by my friend Teresa Loughlin to the little hamlet of Purcellville. Purcellville is better known as “That Town Next to Middleburg”, in fact, all the towns within a 30 mile radius are known that way. Thats OK, because Middleburg has product identification – horse people know Middleburg as that place where they want to live. Its the quintessential greeting card where the fox is having tea with the hounds while the hunt gallops by obliviously. Its also the only place in the country, where a black sportscar has a lovely woman in muddy wellies driving it, with a saddle, soaked bellboots and baby seat in the back. No other horse-mecca is like that. In Lexington the horse people drive faded VWs and trucks. In Temecula the horse girls drive unhooked Freightliners and F-700s. In Wellington, the horse people…. oh wait, they dont drive there, they are driven.

Quick healing to Shauna and Lorane! See you soon.



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  1. Briana

    I think the idea of pre-purchase exams on your working students might not be a bad idea! Either that or “vacation insurance” except that it covers the farm at home while you’re gone instead of covering you while you’re away….

  2. Holly

    Hey, what’s Zephyr doing going on vacation without me?

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