Old Photo Contest

Hi all, I am finishing a final cup of coffee and thought that I would share with you an old photo that my mom sent me. Now this one is really OLD, back when Bridle Trails State Park was my entire life and I permanently had pony hairs embedded into all my clothing from riding bareback. ┬áThis is Foxy….. Mr. Fox or something like that was his registered Welsh name. Foxy was amazing – one of those sweet peas that taught me so many lessons. I am here at the LWSC Memorial Day show, in the mud of course. My mom claims that I am 11 years old in this photo. I know for a fact that I was crazy for jumping and did so with elbows a flying form. There are photos of that too. Email me photos of yourself and I will post them!!!

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  1. Meika

    Seriously????? Does nobody have any old photos to contribute? email them to me and I will post them to your comment. Come on gang!

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