Panda and Ellie Week #6

I have written in the past about most of my horses: Dino, Boogie, Lear, now Ellie, and one funny one about Panda. And the blog was funny because Panda did a turn around of behavior that was impressive and suddenly allowed him to become a “horse in training” versus a “horse on the back burner”.  Well, his rider, Katherine, returned to California last fall, and Panda sat and awaited his new girlfriend, Kelsey.

Kelsey was set to stay with us for the summer, and she brought Panda back into fitness and jumping form for 8 weeks…. and then disaster struck. Broken ankle and a return flight to Michigan for surgery. So Sad!!!

However, I do think that things tend to work out if they are supposed to. Letty, working student from TriCities area, got a poor diagnosis for her horse and his immediate eventing plans. And Panda is just sitting here waiting for someone to love him! It was the proverbial making lemonade from lemons come true. So, here are a few photos of Panda’s schooling debut at Lincoln Creek yesterday after the event.IMG_4010


Now to Ellie!! SHE JUMPS! I am really happy with how her video turned out. It shows a horse getting the mechanics of jumping down and there is NO editing either. I showed you the jumps as they happened, and it is cool to see her start to use her hocks and body more comfortably over the jump. When I started with her, if you asked me to give two adjectives to describe her, they would be: worried and visual.

Now if you asked me to use only two words to describe her they would be: polite and bold.

How cool is that!

Click here is her video for the week.


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