Pioneer days again

Phew! I am very happy to say that the waters have receeded from 18″ to about 8″ today.The photos down at the bottom are not nearly as impressive as they would have been if we had done this yesterday. The river has quickly drained but still, from our bedroom window, it sounds like we live the roaring ocean. The Pilchuck river is raging with such impressive force, especially for a nearly April day. The rains have pretty much stopped and my chickens are no longer hiding under Rosie for shelter. The good news is that the little lettuce plants are in no danger of drying up.

Cera Z has safely arrived to the farm!! with a little help from wonder-Mustang, Maverick. Somehow, Mav knows when he is supposed to be a good boy for his owner, Carolyn, and he becomes this wild hooligan for me and Jordan.  When I rode him out the driveway to meet the van, he was a perfect gentleman. He grazed while we completed the paperwork and got Cera walking off the van. Maverick helped lead Cera across the river bridge, exciting for all of us since the waters are really really fast now!! After several jokes about me getting on the bareback 15.1 boy and more jokes about Paso Finos and piaffing Mustangs…. I eventually mounted Maverick and wondered what possibly he was going to teach little, innocent Cera. Nothing good, I thought. I kinda wished I had a saddle on – its been years since I rode a rodeo on a bareback horse!

As you can see, he did admirably once he figured out his job,  and I am really glad to have Cera at home. She is happily munching on a bran mash and hay right now, and Im sure quite thrilled to not be in motion. She will miss the 3 little goats that made the trip from Florida with her in the next door stall of the van.  Cheers to Chris and Corey Miller in Ocala for breeding such a beauty. I am going to have trouble being patient for the next year before I back her!

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  1. Holly

    Mustangs Rule! They always come through when you need them to. That’s some impressive water! yikes

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