Playing Pioneer

If I had wanted to go play Pioneer, I would have visited some outdoor museum. But we were subjected to our own version of homesteading by Snohomish county Public Works. If you have visited our farm, then you know that the only way in is a bridge over the Pilchuck River. Years ago, we wiped our brow and said PHEW that the county owned the bridge and it was up to them to maintain it. We still say that, only now we are wishing that they had hired a different engineer to assess the bridge.

Whether it needed it or not, the bridge was repaired for all of February. Closed. Geschlossen. We assumed that the boarders and would be able to walk across to visit their horses, but they flipped the liability code up to our face and Mark was forced to jerry-rig a little skiff to pull ourselves across the river! I am so grateful that the boarders kept their sense of humor intact and nobody fell in and nobody lost their cell phones. Hardy souls! Our vet, Dr. Ron Colton, even ferried himself across for a lameness exam. That is devotion. Behind the scenes, we had to stockpile hay, shavings and grain using the back logging road. Not fun!!!

The bridge is finally fixed, and throughout the whole ordeal, I kept telling myself that I was so grateful that it was not June. The crowds are not clamoring to come school the xc course and ship in for lessons in February. We are free to plan our summer now.

Speaking of that, this summer we are hoping to have a few Derbys, similar to last year. We are hoping to also add in an adult rider camp sometime in July. Details are still forming, but the impetus behind this camp was Debbie De Witt, dressage guru. She mentioned that she had dozens of students who would be interested in cross training their horses and getting out in the big wide world. The idea will not be that all these dressage ladies will don xc vests and learn how to gallop 550mpm, rather they will have fun, in a structured environment, getting out of the 20 x 60 arena and learning more about their horses. I would love to find a sports psychologist for an evening lecture over wine and dinner. Sound fun?

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  1. Connie Wooten

    Good morning Meika,
    Just read all your blog entries. I love being able to keep up with your eventing adventures. Really all so simple, isn’t it? ha
    I feel like the stage mother, wishing the best for you all.
    Keeping you in my prayers,

  2. Gabriele Beil

    I have been a reader for a long time, but am a first time commenter. I just wanted to let you know that this has been / is my favorite post of yours! Keep up the great work and I’ll keep on checking back.

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