Ram Tap XC

If you have already checked the scores for Ram Tap, then you might be wondering what in the heck happened. Well, you know we didn’t start off on a great foot with the dressage, so I was already the slow hound behind the pack. The fox had left the county and I was still sniffing around for the dropped sandwich on the ground.

The good news is that Dino learned a LOT on XC today.  He had what I will call a “confusal” at jump #2, and for those of you that don’t know my vocabulary, a confusal is a refusal that is simply explained by some unforeseen and unlikely incident. In this case, it was the fact that he was staring off in a completely different direction than straight ahead. I will blame myself for not really putting my leg on and telling him just how serious I was about the jump ahead, but I was playing my hot little potato cool and trying not to explode it. My mistake.

He was unflappable in all 3 water jumps and over the ditch. That is good news. But the bank jump, which was located at the top of the hill was just TOO much for his noggin. He was surprised by the bank down, and even though I had brought him to a trot, he was still unable to take in all the scenery and looking down at the same time. On the third try, he made it. It was a very baby moment where he was overwhelmed by the cars, people and his lack of experience didn’t allow him to see the tree for the forest. Oh well, I was very happy with him anyway. You can all guess what my goal is for Twin Rivers HT. The photo to the right is the jump directly after the bank down, and apparently Dino was NOT going to make another mistake again!

Jordan was fantastic!!!! And everyone saw just what a star that Brogan is going to be. He has a four star gallop, a huge jump, and a very very sensible head between his ears. I was thrilled with her and she is over the moon with her future on him.

Shauna also had an amazing finish to her first event with Romeo. Despite a major emotional meltdown in the warmup (Romeo, not Shauna), he was a star out on XC. Nothing phased him and he showed acres of scope over every fence. Shauna proved to herself that she can control his canter. At Twin Rivers she will move up to Novice and I am so excited for them as a pair.


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  1. nell

    Hooray! I wish I could have been there to watch all the happy (or not so happy) chaos!

  2. Jennifer

    What a great team you all make together, we are all here at home cheering you on and feeling very proud of you all !!!

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