Ram Tap

Welcome to the central valley…. just in case I forgot how much I *love* it here, I have a screaming headache, allergies to the dust, trains running down the tracks at all hours and flat flat flatness.  I dont miss it here at all. But we are glad to be at the show. We left Jordan’s dad’s farm on Thursday morning and had a frantic arrival in the late afternoon to unpack, setup stalls and ride the horses. I flopped into bed around 8 pm, much to the humor of Brooke Bayley and Jordan. I think being in this forsaken valley makes me depressed. But, fortunetly we have a show to perk me up!

Dressage is over…. and the ponies are very sleepy.  I had to bridle Ria in her stall while she was sleeping. I figured that bridling her was easier than putting the saddle on in that position and I am all about efficiency.  Ria managed to retain her sleepy state through her dressage test until the first canter where she suddenly hurled her head into the air twice. But that was it!! I can live with that sort of expression from her. She is in 4th place. Taco was great until the point where we entered the arena and he then tried his version of a freight train. We had a test that was full of tension and I was not completely happy with it, but I know that is his buggaboo. He likes to pull with his mouth and push hard with his legs at the same time. I dont think that is written anywhere in the historic annals of dressage as ‘correct’.

Jordan had the early ride this morning and her mare, Dice, was great. She is a very expressive, light and buoyant horse – it will be amazing when she actually knows what she is doing. For now, she is getting great experience from Jordan.

Dino enjoyed his first day in the warmup arena!!  Granted, he had a little help but we were thrilled with him. I cant wait for him to be 2 years older- he will be jaw-dropping beautiful. For now, he is beautiful and youthful.

Brooke had a test that she will want to improve upon. She had a great warmup and was very pleased with the mare at that point. I know she is very excited for XC to improve upon her position.

Cross country courses look like a lot of fun! All levels are fair, great educational courses. Im very glad to have this be their first runs of the season. I will try to keep you up to date on the goings on tomrrow evening. We wish everyone were here!  Ive heard that the weather is great in the PNW????

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  1. Lori

    Ok, that question about the PNW weather is SO not funny. Good luck!

  2. Camille Isaacks

    This absolutely will assist me to to fix the issues that i have, cheers.

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