Ready for Rebecca?

Well, I hope so. Because it is fast approaching. I am predicting to see many of our local trainers brushing up their students on our course this weekend… sorry I cant dye the water jump blue! That would be the ultimate in customer service.

Joann is taking Olievia to Rebecca in the training division – she has had a typical last week for an adult amateur…. juggling family obligations, job, riding and husband. Its quite a task for even the most organized, like Joann. She is the sort of student who sends me checks directly from the bank ahead of time with a clear list of lessons she has taken. She is one of the goodies because not only is she dedicated to her horse, but she is also a great customer who supports and is thankful for the job that I do (Although, I am pretty lucky that we dont have a single lemon in the barn). Today, she got on her horse after quite a few days off due to work, and had her last-minute- xc lesson before Rebecca. And it was FANTASTIC! I warmed her up lightly and had her bop around a maximum sized training course, complete with corners, coffins, road crossing, 2 waters, and 4 maximum oxers. I am getting so excited for her that the training level stuff is becoming very ordinary – in a good way!  No longer do I have to worry that she wont have the right balance to a square table set out in the open… the oxer all on its own, beckoning for the long spot. Not Joann! She and Olievia are becoming a well-oiled machine. After her primo xc round,  I told her that we need to talk about the Big “P”.  She looked at me and I think said “Pie? Cherry Pie?”.  I think that Joann is well on her way to becoming at ease and even ‘bored’ by a maximum training coffin, or anything else that I can dream to put in front of her. She is reaching that point in her riding where the history and homework are exponentially supporting her new skills. And what I mean by this is that because she is able to clearly ask for shoulder in, haunches in, counter canter, lead changes, baby half pass, baby collection and lengthening… all these skills are feeding upon themselves to make the next skills easier. She is building upon her base so that the new things that I ask of her are logical and undaunting. This thrills me, because she came to me as a nervous novice rider who had belief in herself and what she could do… just not the opportunity to do it.

So, even though she is catching a cold and may have a 0.000067% chance of not going to Rebecca, my bets are on her and Olievia to rack up yet another great experience. I think she is going to have yet another great weekend with a fantastic horse, great footing,excellent food and friends… I cant wait to go.

6 Responses to “Ready for Rebecca?”

  1. JoAnn

    Wow!! I feel lucky to be a Polestar boarder and student.
    Photos by the most-excellent Kristy Batie.

  2. Kristy B

    Whoo! Hoo!!!!! Have a great time. I know you will be a Superstar!!!!

  3. Lori

    I am SO excited for you and Oleivia! You two are such an inspiriing team! I wish I could go cheer you on! I will be on pins and needles awaiting the reports. Just remember, You CAN DO IT!!!

  4. Krista

    Good luck JoAnn, as always I’m rooting for you from Illinois!!

  5. Mary Meagher

    Have a fantastic time at Rebecca! Oleivia and you will be awesome!

  6. The Pipeline

    JoAnn!!! Give that mare a kiss for me. I can’t wait to see pictures of your “cross-country smile” at Rebecca Farm!

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