Rebecca Wrap-Up

Ok, so I was extremely negligent in my reporting from Rebec. Sorry! I think I was irritated that I forgot my bike to get around the facility on, and already had to walk so much, the office was sooooo far away…. There. that is my excuse.

In a nutshell: Dino had a great trip to Montana. He was top 2 in his conformation score, top 3 in his jumping score…. and dismal in his dressage score. Sadly, he was wound up from the atmosphere and I showed off his best tense trot. But otherwise, I was thrilled with him. He spend the rest of the weekend being hacked and worked in and amongst the busy warmup arenas. Dino is finished showing for the rest of the year, so he has lots and lots of homework to do here at the farm. I have a clear picture of where I want him to go, now we just have to get him some edjumacation to get there.

Taco and I had a pretty poor dressage test. I was expecting to be down in the pack after he exploded in one medium canter and would not do a walk – trot transition without cantering…. three times! Bad boy. We were in 4th after that, surprisingly, but that should have been the writing on the wall for our cross country ride. He was very resistant in the bridle and chucked his head WAY up into my face on several times. Same thing from dressage, just exacerbated hundred fold. Long and short…. I fell off. Tacos head was in my lap at a corner and I could not recover. The most interesting part is that my vest exploded and it was hard to breathe!! I did not expect that it would be so difficult to move with that thing in its full form. ┬áLater that night, I was talking with Karen O’Connor and she offered to help me figure out what was wrong with Taco and I. The hightlight of my week at Montana was on Sunday afternoon with her. It was a productive and helpful lesson that has me motivated to get some better acceptance from Taco. Homework is to do an entire Intermediate test in a two point gallop position. I am going to start today!

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  1. Jolynn

    Way to go Meika! Horses are always giving us homework and I love that you are excited for it!

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