RIP Little Buckaroo

While I would love to tell you all about how Inavale went for Polestar Peeps, I am saddened to tell you that the more important news is that we lost one of our dear horses last week. Erica Temple recently bought a new horse, Frasier, the perfect horse for her to to go have fun on. Yet, she has barely had a chance to get to know him before tragedy struck on Thursday morning. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why they colic, and we do our best to make sure that they are safe from risks in all aspects of their lives. And still awful things happen. I loved having Frasier here in the barn, even if it was for a few short months. He had a phenomenal jump and work ethic that he kept hidden from us on most days, hidden behind his laid-back Spicoli mask. He definitely was inclined to order pizza in the middle of a dressage lesson, rather than do another shoulder in! Im saddened to say that I d0nt even have a photo of him to show you all how beautiful he was. Erica and I had a good laugh that it turns out that she bought the one horse who would most teach her how to sit UP and RIDE! Frasier had a decent buck in him and he could whip it out anytime he thought you were not paying attention or if you were causing him to work too hard… or tipping forward as it turns out. Despite the fact that he rarely had his pencil sharpened and ready for class, he could cause me to gasp and laugh when I jumped him. I loved his HUGE jump and I dreamed of watching Erica master ┬áhis balance to feel it too.

No matter how long you own them, it hurts to see them leave us. RIP little buckaroo, may you romp through the fields with Max and my other beloved horses. Our dreams are dashed too early, we miss you.

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  1. Erica Temple

    Meika, thanks so much for your kind words. And thanks to all of you who reached out to me in the last few days with your condolences. Frasier was an elegant, athletic and mischievous old soul and I will miss him very much.

  2. Cyndi Baird

    I too suffered the loss of my beloved Cochise A pinto gelding who I rode for 20 years He colicked and the vets could not save him He had stomash tumors of which I had no idea He was not ever sick in all the years I had him
    I do feel your pain and loss
    Please visit the to read the poem if you are not familiar with it

  3. Megan

    I really am sorry for your loss. Megan

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