Special Delivery

Why cant some things just go according to plan? You spend weeks deciding details and figuring out the best possible course of action to take, and despite all your best planning and work…. the figurative poop hits the propeller.

I am very happy to tell everyone that Tilly has been sold to Nora Endzel and she will be moving to Illinois to fufill the topnotch broodmare destiny that she dreams of (and I dream for her). Due to a lovely convergence of luck, my favorite shippers, McLemore Transportation, were coming from Florida to pick up Tilly here in Washington. So, why dont they just bring with them Dino’s sister from Ocala while they are at it?! What a perfect trip. Ok – so Im thinking life could not be better. But then….. the doozie of all March’s rains descends upon us.

So, tomorrow, I am supposed to take Dino’s little sister off the trailer that she has been on since Florida. Take her down the ramp, and instead of walking her into a fluffy 14 x 14 stall, I will walk her through 18 inches of flowing, cold, river water? The poor girl will not know what hit her, Ocala was 87 degrees yesterday! And Tilly is going to need to leave her beloved Lucy (Dino’s mom) and load into a trailer after forging the longest water jump she has ever known?

Im wishing myself luck tomorrow, stay tuned for the final chapter.

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