Successful Derby and Clinic!

Thankgod it is a rainy day today, I seriously needed a break. So at this very moment, I am making pesole soup and Toll House cookies. Delicious! While the cookies bake, Im going to update yall on the weekend.

The Derby was a total success! We had 70 people (or thereabouts) entered and hadconstant rounds throughout the day on cross country. Lots of people used the course as I intended, to help train riders and their horses. I encouraged trainers to let their students take second rounds and try moving up to a different course as student’s confidence improved. We also had new jumps, Mark has been motivated to make a few new ones that were beautiful out there. But outside the horse part, the most obvious ¬†improvement were the concessions: El Rey taco truck and also an espresso cart. I partook in both. The beer garden was a success as well, I imagine that next year the word will spread and we are going to sell tickets.

I was the jump judge all day long and I love that job. I get to see all the rides and enjoy watching the riders and horses have fun. Watching a little girl on a beautiful horse who knows his job and takes care to be safe…. is priceless.

The Don Sachy clinic was fantastic. He motivates me as a teacher not only because he is very knowledgeable and experienced, but mostly because he loves his job. Im pretty sure that he wakes up every day and says how lucky he is to have this job. I have to agree, but sometimes its nice to have someone else refresh my love of horses and teaching. Jordan and I had great lessons on two green horses, Kat and Arnie. Both are very inexperienced and he gave us exercises to help the horses become “bird dogs” in their view of jumps. They were both hunting the jumps down with joy, AND getting lead changes! ¬†That was exciting. The horse’s owners were there for both lessons and I think that they were having as much fun as Jordan and I were. I am really looking forward to watching two riders at Aspen, Mckena Knott and Abby Schatz. Both girls ride with Jessica Heideman and they rode in the clinic. Don gave Mckena huge advice on how to help her small strided horse bound around Prelim show jumping, which he finds challenging. And Abby has a talented horse who has a challenging personality. I wish them both luck at Aspen HT!

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  1. Caroline Bombar-Kaplan

    During my first session with Don, I was not thrilled that I didn’t get to work on what I really needed to accomplish. I learned a lot, but needed more specific instruction. Meika told me to tell Don this and he immediate offered to accommodate me. My session with him the following day was terrific. I am going into my next show (Aspen HT this w/e) armed with renewed confidence and a much clearer idea of how I need to tackle a stadium course. My horse seems very happy, too! So, thank you so much, Don, if you’re reading this! We’ll be back when you are.

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