Successful drive to Cali!

We made it! It was a very unremarkable trip overall, thank God.  The most exciting thing was loading young Dino into the trailer at 5 am not knowing what was going to happen.  He has only been in the trailer twice in his life, and neither time was icredibly fun for him. Once to go to surgery for his eye cut and the other to drive across the country in a big van.  So Jordan and I were unsure how the morning would start.  It snowed in the Siskiyous and the town of Shasta had close to 2 fresh feet of powder on the ground. Jordan and I were following the storm from the northwest to California.
We arrived at Jordan’s dad’s farm, Twin Palms, in the daylight. The horses are very very lucky to get to stay here for a few days before Ram Tap. They have stalls as big as turnouts, great arenas, little water and ditches and some xc jumps. Its perfect to start the season. All the horses were great this morning. Ria kept me on pins and needles for the first 10 minutes, but then was wonderful. Dino was too shell shocked to do anything bad for Jordan. Dice and Taco were reminiscing about their old farm. Savoy  was perfect as well.  The horses did not work long due to the fact that they just spent 14 hours in the trailer, but they did enough to get loosened up and drink some water in the water jump. Tomorrow will be full dressage workouts for all and baths.

Jordan says HI to all. Beezie misses Mr. Kitty and I miss Tor!!!!!!

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  1. JoAnn

    Congrats!! We miss you, too! Glad to hear all is well, and that you are enjoying the trip. That’s a LONG drive.

    Looking forward to future updates!

  2. The Pipeline

    Here is the evidence that I have read you blog! Say HI back to Jordan for me, and I am positive that Tor is dreaming about galloping at 520mpm under those California palm trees… or maybe that is just me. Have a blast and keep your powder dry.
    Missing you and Tor terribly!

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