Summer Slog?

Hi yall, I have to admit that I am in the middle of summer doldrums here. I sort of recognized that I was feeling a little burned out only yesterday, when I realized that I needed to pack for the YR event. My friend, Michele Pestl, came today for a cross country school and she put a voice to this feeling. Getting sick of going to competitions every other weekend and feeling that not a lot was gettingdone at home! I feel particularly torn about this because my season on Taukalot has barely started. He and I have been off to a rough start this year with shoe problems, then a hock repair, now a fall at Rebecca and me limping around. I only now, the last 10 days, feel that he and I are ready to do anything and properly prepared to go to an event. So, where is my motivation? Where is my gung-ho?

I think that I would be MUCH more inclined to go to a show if it were a two or one day event. I am very disappointed that Area VII seems to be stuck on the 3 day affair, which is really 4 days because you arrive on Thursday. I would like to get a competition done, and go home. I have heard the excuse that its because everyone drives for such long distances here and therefore we need the 3 days to properly compete. Bologney. (or however you spell that). Most of Southern Pines NC eventers would slog up to Surefire, Loch Moy, Plantation, which all run over 2 days. That is a 4-6 hour drive. Our horses did fine, and if we needed an extra day to recover, then spend the night on Sunday and drive home Monday. Event Organizers Hear My Plea!!!!!  Can we just try it for one season, where some events pluck up the courage to be different and run over 2 days??  Please???

On another note, French Creek PC had a few lovely members who came out and helped me paintjumps for the upcoming Derby. I hope we have a great turnout this year! Beer Garden!! Bring the dads.

Also, congratulations to Kasey Moore for getting her B rating yesterday!  I am so proud of her!

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  1. JoAnn

    I second the plea for two-day events! It’s hard to get away for 4… I guess I also second the doldrums, which also hit while prepping for YR the week before. But taking a few weeks off, hoping to trail ride, relax, clinic, enjoy summer with the ponies, then go out for a last fling in Sept.

    Hang in there – in Feb, we’ll be wishing for this time back!

  2. Holly

    I agree! Those of us who work for a living would need to take 2 vacation days instead of 1, which is not always possible, in order to compete. There is no reason dressage and xc (or stadium) couldn’t run on the same day.

  3. Chriss

    What if there was an event that the BN-T was Sat-Sun but Prelim and up was Fri-Sun? We’ve (as in Equestrians Institute) had complaints that the upper level horses can’t do two phases in one day, that’s why people weren’t coming to our show. I thought that was weird…I remember running all three phases of Novice in one day, the Training Level and above horses were treated to an “easier” two day event, almost no one ran a three day in the midwest/east coast

    EI gave into the pressure to have our event over three days this year too…get more people on your side and maybe we’ll go back 🙂

  4. meika

    Wow, have people really said that Chriss? Amazing, if they think that their horses are not fit enough to do a 6 minute dressage test and a 2 minute show jump round in the same day….. maybe they should not be eventing their horse. Maybe they need a better education on fitness and capabilities of their animals? or maybe their minds are closed? or maybe I should just go get a cup of coffee and be less abrasive.

  5. Karen Hensley

    I have needed up to an hour warm-up for dressage on my green horse before I do that 5 minute dressage test! That is to really get things settled and working, not just chase the spooks out. Sunray got top dressage scores in his last 3 events so that long warm-up seems to be a good thing to do.

    Maybe some of those other upper horse have a significant workout on dressage day?

    I like the 1-day derby format best, which I assume is not an option for recognized event.

  6. meika

    It IS and option for a recognized event! And well utilized on the east coast, but not at all in Area VII. Hence my gripe. Join the gripe club!

  7. Chriss

    It is true…I asked around to see why our attendance was low and that was definitely one of the reasons. There are a few trainers that won’t have their Prelim + riders do two phases in one day…sigh. I feel you sister, I grew up riding the East Coast events and Area VIII, seriously, only the Kentucky Horse Park and maybe one or two others had a show over three days. Who knows maybe we’ll go back…I have to say I would love to take fewer days off to organize the show too!

    I can only imagine when I get Quinn going and I start showing again, having to take two days off for every show will be a strain 🙁

  8. Holly

    That’s true Meika, when I evented on Long Island where I grew up, one day recognized events were the norm. Yes, it was a long day for everyone but worth the effort and my horse had no difficulty doing all three phases in one day.

  9. Jolynn

    Yup! I grew up in PA AreaII riding up through prelim/intermediate and is was not the norm to stay overnight unless we went up to New England or down to the Carolinas – and even then you stayed at a local farm as everyone else did it all in one day, two days at the most. Only true 3 days were the 4-5 day affairs.

  10. Holly

    There’s that new recognized event in Deary, ID this year that’s only Sat. & Sun and they’re running through Prelim I believe. So if they can do it, no reason why WA can’t.

  11. Emily

    I’m a lurker here and have long admired Meika’s riding and Polestar! One day I’ll come up for some fun! On the topic of 1-2-3 days for events… several years ago USEA was urging/imploring organizers to run ht’s over three days for the sponsors’ benefits. Sponsors? Are there enough to make it a destination event? No, not to my knowledge! There are maybe two events in VII that have sponsors that are big enough and show up and care. I think that’s where it originated, but it doesn’t/didn’t really make a lot of sense to me. Western Wa events should be Sat-Sun, and then everyone can get home and get to work/rest on Monday! And you can go after school/work on Friday for most events. Thanks for the discussion!

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