Taco the Intermediate horse

Phew! ┬áThis weekend was amazing! I wish that I had photos of us to show you, I will eventually, but not just right now. I had a great weekend. I decided at the last minute, with help from Jordan and secretary Christina Gray, to move Taco into his first intermediate class at Caber Farm HT. It was a bit nerve wracking for me to go intermediate after a 3 year hiatus, and I certainly noticed the size difference. This weekend did teach me a lesson: that I really only give a little bit of myself for the lower levels…. Im not proud of this fact and I’m admiting it. Going Int. proved to me that I am a better rider at the upper levels, I focus better, have a clear plan, walk courses several times and execute the ride better. I am making a pact with myself to change my approach to the lower level rides and ride them as well as I do at the upper levels.

Ok – there, my confessional is finished. And now the details of the weekend: Taco had what I thought was a very good dressage test. Apparently, the judge thought differently. We placed 10/20, but I was happy with him… Taco, not the dressage judge. We had a clear xc and had a fantastic water jump. He had two green moments at the road crossing and the coffin – both jumps where a ditch thingy surprised him while he was in the air of the A element. Both times I reverted to cowgirl riding at its finest and Taco waltzed away a better, more educated horse. It was super fun to feel him gain confidence from each tricky combination. He was perky and acting up later that night during our walks, so apparently he thought he was some hot s#i*!

Show jumping was TRICKY! I was attempting to get a forward canter for him to approach the jumps with (he tends to love the quiet, underpaced canter)…. and encountered some rideability problems that I had not felt at prelim. He jumped me out of the tack at least 5 times, he jumped some jumps fantastic, and two were Bowling for Onalaska. Ive always been taught to let the jump be your hand, ride foward to the deeper distance to help the horse develop their own sense of self preservation. Not this guy – I rode him forward to the deep distance twice and had pick up sticks! Fortunetly, show jumping is almost my favorite phase, so I am motivated to get him rideable.

We have a busy week because we are getting ready for the French Creek PC Derby.. should be a ton of fun and we hope some of you, out there in internet-land, are going to come enjoy.

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