Cross Country Schooling

Our cross country field is about 60 acres of lush grass on undulating terrain. The course was designed by Tremaine Cooper and built by Mark Salser, Trav Schick and Joe Stylos. The course can easily teach a young horse or inexperienced rider the basics of cross country jumping over small logs that are moved in a variety of places every few weeks. We have many Beginner Novice through Training level jumps that reflect many of the tricky and expected fences that are seen at national events.

Our footing is something that we work on every week! No moles anywhere and the course is rolled flat every spring. You can count on good footing for your fun experience! The courses are changed every two weeks throughout the season for fun options and best footing on take-off and landings. Our footing is sandy loam soil that is rideable from March through October.

In order to jump the cross country course you must:

Have an experienced trainer with you for coaching. All riders must sign one release form per year and parents must sign for minors.  All trainers must have Polestar Farms Inc as a named insured on their policies.

Our course features:

Novice – Prelim banks

Double Up/Down bank

Water complex

One stride road crossing

5 ditches, BN – Preliminary

Full courses from starter level (colored logs) to Training with Prelim options.

Please consider the following rules when using the Cross Country field:

$55 per horse to use the course, by appointment only

Sign Polestar Farm Release

No dogs

Please do not disturb boarders using either indoor or outdoor arenas

Please dont leave horses unattended at the trailers

Please dont bring outside horses into main barns, extra stalls are available for use in red barn for $30 overnight. Outdoor day stalls are $10. Wash stall available behind red barn

Please park trailers nose first towards the shavings area

Notify someone from Polestar of any problems or concerns about XC field.