The Last Say Week #7

This time of year, I wish I had a more calm job, not a different one, but one just a little less crazy. From here until October, I am going to be swamped. Until after October 5th, Ellie’s show at Donida, I will only have one Sunday to have group jumping lessons…so everyone plan out your lessons! Time gets tight in my schedule, Im having trouble seeing Mark for much quality time, Im missing vacations and not getting days off.

But lets look at the good news from all this crazy work: Lear is now qualified to move up to Preliminary, Dino is proving to be a rockstar at this three phase thing, Boogie appears to be pain free from his kissing spine and Ellie is beginning to jump! This is all really great news!

Ellie’s video this week is a good one….because there is a lesson in it for everyone. What I hope to show is that there is a good time to quit every lesson, and there is a fine line that is very easily crossed. Anyone can go past the point that is optimal for the horse to learn the lesson because we are thinking in human terms, with human ambitions and human timelines. A horse is not aware of our silly ambitions, they are just being good students and doing the jobs we ask of them. I believe that it is very important for every rider, trainer or amateur, to make sure that your ambitions are not creating tension in your horse. Ask yourself at what point did the lesson start to go south? ¬†Identify it, and maybe next time you will be wiser and stop before you cross that fine line.

With that introduction: here is Ellie’s week #7 video.

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  1. joanne silberner

    so which sunday will you be doing group jumping lessons?!

  2. Meika

    September 29th!

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