Training & Lessons


Stall in barn – $725
Shed and paddock – $575
Pasture turnout – $450 (dry months only)

Board includes three feedings per day. We will supply hay and grain to maintain the horse in the best condition possible. Owner must purchase all extra supplements. We feed LMF brand grain, and there are choices of LMF that will best suit your horse. LMF is a complete feed that does not require many of the popular supplements. Please see their website for more information.

We believe that turnout is necessary for happy and healthy horses and at least 12 hours a day is normal here.

Full Training

$450 per month, plus the board.

Full training includes the horse being ridden and trained by Meika 5 days per week, and possibly exercised by an employee of Polestar Farm for another day. All horses are worked in the arenas, but are also expected to concentrate on their studies in the cross country field, and relax on the trails. An ideal, well-rounded education, ideally suited for many disciplines.

Part Training

$350 per month.

The horse will be trained by Meika 3 times per week.

Competition Coaching

$100 for weekend for students.

$25 per course walk/warm up for non-students


Private dressage or SJ lessons $60

Private Cross Country $75

Group Cross Country $60 each

Sunday Jump $40 (group jumping)

Please contact Meika if you are interested in her coming to your facility for a clinic.

Sunday Jump

Every Sunday that we are home, Meika teaches group jumping lessons. The lesson times do not change throughout the season, so students are able to count on a predictable schedule. The group lessons focus on gymnastics and fun exercises throughout the winter season and there is a clear progression over time to teach rider and horse the basics. As spring approaches, we switch to more course work to help riders get prepared for the summer competitions. Sunday lessons are at a reduced price, $40 per rider, and you get the benefit of riding with others and learning by watching. Aside from that, its fun to ride with friends!

10:00 Beginner Novice

11:30 Novice

1:00 Training / Preliminary