Twin Rivers Dressage Day

Hi guys,  Like a previous poster commented, I should definitely include the website to where we currently are. We are at Twin Rivers Event. This has to be one of my most favorite events down here (like Ive been to many! ha!) but it is great. You can search the results from their site.

Dressage day included waking both horses, Taco and Ria, up from intense naps at the very last minute in order to get to our test on time. It was very difficult as they are so cuddly and cute. But it had to be done and it took a few carrots and treats but eventually we go them up and clean. Ria was my first ride of the day in her novice test, and it was a good test. Im having trouble getting the uphill feeling on her that I need to get a score in the twenties. If I go for that, then I risk running up against her difficult personality. So, today I was thrilled with a very lovely, rhythmical test from her. We are 7th out of 12, with a 35 penalty score. Not bad, but she deserves better. I need a few more months of training to get her where she can cope with the atmosphere of a show AND also listen to my elevation aids. As it stands now, she is happier a little lower in her frame and can stay steady down there. Which is fine… its all the development of the horse. And her longterm future is what I am aiming for, not a ribbon this very weekend.

That said, I am thrilled to say that Taco is top of the leaderboard for his OP division. This was  a long division, I think the judge was out there for a better part of 3 hours for our division. Taco was very last…. and snagged the first place away from Karen O’Neal at the last moment. Sorry Karen! She already yelled at me today. Taco felt great and I was pleased with how he entered the arena with his pencil sharpened and paper ready! He was WAY different than last week at Ram Tap, where he had quite a bit of tension and could not comprehend some of my aids. Today he was all ears.

Dino – is well, on vacation. I rode him yesterday in the warmup arenas and he was great. So far, he has caught the eye of two very prominent trainers and I had to call Mark at home to ask what the call would be if we were offered money for the tater tot. Mark told me “Dont you dare!”. phew.

The most important part of my day is that Tor has sold !  Congratulations to Jessie Morris of Victoria BC for the purchase of her new pony. I am really really happy with the sale. Tor is made to be a jumper and he will thrive in that atmosphere. Jessie is a serious competitor and she will be rewarded with his work ethic and jump. So cool. Cross country is tomorrow for Taco and on Sunday for Ria. I will keep you up to date!

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  1. Connie Wooten

    Hi to all,
    Sounds like the trip is fruitful, meeting goals and “getting a feel” for your flock at a show. Jordan’s pic was REALLY cute–front of some horsey magazine.
    I continue to enjoy your entries, it’s fun to live the process through your eyes.
    A friend gave me her son’s Connemara pony club horse til Doogie sells and I can find another. He just got his driver’s licence so is not real into horses right now. Keep your eye peeled for my next mount.
    Lendon Gray is here at TriH this weekend. I’m going to audit this am–what a perfect classical dressage approach. She’s long time friends with one of our boarders, so we have the treat several times a year.
    I’ll say prayers for everyone,

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