Twin Rivers Redux

Im not home, just in case you have tried to have a lesson. Im in Paso Robles, CA again for the Twin Rivers event. Suzy Elliot, her dog Odie and myself drove down on Monday and Tuesday to the event. Leaving rainy, soggy PNW to the windy warm south. ¬†We spent a VERY loud night at a barn in Stockton. Our trailer was right next to the main north-south train tracks for the whole west coast. We did not sleep very well, at all. But the horses definitely did. They had 12 x 24 stalls that were beautiful. We have had a very busy time of it since arriving here at Twin Rivers. First we had to recover from our driving food by having a great meal at Thomas Hill Organics (yummmm). Then we had to shop a little bit, and recover from that with an hour massage. And a little more shopping after that… made a full day!

Ive been riding a few horses, Taco and getting some bareback practice on Bugs, from the Boot Barn. He is very steady and consistant. I hope to practice my one handed coffin ride, that Taco likes me to practice.

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  1. Erin

    Lookin good Decher, I believe you taught me that move…I also love the hat!!!

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